ABL Advisory

Duff & Phelps Undertook a Pre-Lend Review of an Own Brand Cereal Manufacturer

About the Company

The Company is one of the UK’s leading own brand breakfast cereal and cereal bar manufacturers, supplying many of the UK’s largest food retailers. At the time Duff & Phelps was engaged, the Company had an annual turnover of £32m, a £1m inventory facility and a £5m invoice discounting facility. 

Duff & Phelps' Role

Duff & Phelps was engaged to undertake a pre-lend review of the business to support the additional lending facilities requested by the Company. These monies were principally required to provide additional working capital and fund capital expenditure. 

Duff & Phelps assessed the Company’s historic trading performance, current financial position and financial forecasts, and also advised the lender on an optimal funding structure. 

As a result of Duff & Phelps’ involvement, the Asset Based Lending provider delivered additional funding facilities.


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