Property Clarity

Kroll Property Clarity is a robust online management tool that provides immediate and secure visibility to all your property insurance appraisal data, valuation reports and fixed assets. This allows you to customize your own data in a single log-in secure environment.
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Duff & Phelps acquired Kroll in 2018 and unified under the Kroll brand in 2022.

Property Clarity Provides
  • Real time access to your valuation reports and supporting detail
  • Interactive reports created through Microsoft Power BI
  • Export appraisal data to Excel or PDF
  • Bing and Google Maps interface where properties can be viewed in satellite or street view
  • Link to property images and the ability to remove or add images
  • Filter for data and ability to create customized reports
  • Specific access rights through fully secured platform
Property Clarity Can Assist With
  • Organizing data for insurance renewal procedures
  • Sharing data with insurance brokers, underwriters, and other within your organization
  • Facilitating risk analysis and streamlining the claims process

We are focused on client needs. We are not merely involved with valuation, we are fully committed to meeting your needs. On every engagement, client access to our senior management team is the norm, never an exception.

We serve some of the world’s largest and most specialized insurance brokers, underwriters and risk managers. Each year we inspect and appraise more than 30,000 buildings. Our insurance clients rely on us to provide accurate, supportable valuation reports.

Create Data-Driven Valuation Intelligence With the Private Equity and Credit Valuation Portal

Kroll Valuation Portal
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Valuation demands and complexity are increasing. You need a valuation tool that quickly shows you risks & opportunities. With Kroll's new Private Equity & Credit Valuation Portal, you can simplify portfolio monitoring, get instant valuation results and leverage industry benchmarks.

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Fixed Asset Management

Kroll has established best practices in fixed asset management that are recognized across our profession.

Machinery and Equipment Valuation

Kroll offers experience, reliability and transparency in the valuation of machinery and equipment for virtually every industry.