Digital Asset Review

Digital asset review and due diligence is a crucial process in the ever-changing digital asset space. Kroll provides a risk-based approach, assisting exchanges, custodians, fund administrators and hedge funds in identifying potential compliance issues and financial crime risks related to digital assets.
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Digital Asset Review

Kroll possesses a wealth of experience in conducting compliance reviews and due diligence related to financial crimes for numerous digital assets and issuers. This involves assessing risks related to sanctions evasions, anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crimes for centralized exchanges and custodians.

Our track record includes evaluating over 20 of the leading 50 assets, which collectively represent nearly $150 billion in market capitalization, offering insight into all major layer 1 networks.

The distinct attributes of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and decentralized finance pose unique challenges that traditional financial crime experts might not always be prepared to address.

Issuers and teams often operate across numerous jurisdictions, each with its own language and expertise requirements, further contributing to the complexity of the situation. With a global presence, Kroll has experts around the world who possess linguistic, jurisdictional and on-the-ground intelligence. We have consistently proven our ability to establish, train and optimize teams to meet client demands whether the market is bullish or experiencing crypto downturns.

Our suite of solutions for cryptocurrency compliance, risk assessment and investigations are designed to progressively address various business needs.

Kroll’s Seven Dimensions of Risk for Digital Assets

In this swiftly evolving global regulatory environment, the market remains volatile with bad actors attempting to exploit vulnerabilities for illicit purposes. Kroll’s seven dimensions of risk for digital assets are instrumental in digital asset due diligence and risk analysis:

  • Asset, protocol and structural risks
  • Project and entity identification and risks
  • Sanctions and related risks
  • Token features, uses for financial crimes and AML risks
  • General consumer and financial crimes risks
  • Asset trading risks
  • Asset, protocol, report and licensing agreement risks

Digital Asset Review (DAR) Service Offerings

Digital Asset Review Light (DAR Light)

  • A light touch review for potential sanctions and major AML risks
  • Review focused on entity and team identification, sanctions screening, sanctions evasion and high-level AML review
  • High-volume, quick turnaround needs
  • Fixed-fee report

Digital Asset Review Core (DAR Core)

  • A comprehensive review of digital assets and issuers, capturing critical financial crimes risks
  • Includes the DAR Light review plus dives deeper into entity and team risks; consumer and financial crimes risks; token features; asset, protocol and structural risks; and asset trading risks
  • Comprehensive reviews for complete financial crimes and reputational protection
  • Fixed-fee report

Digital Asset Review Plus (DAR Plus)

  • A comprehensive review of digital assets and issuers plus inclusion of advanced trading metrics
  • DAR plus explores detailed data on trading, total value locked (TVL) and emission schedules
  • Complete review and analysis of asset, protocol, report and licensing agreement risks
  • Comprehensive reviews and additional trading metrics
  • Fixed-fee report

Digital Asset Review Custom (DAR Custom)

  • Customized, tailored review using client’s risk framework
  • Utilize Kroll’s demonstrated success in building, training and rightsizing teams

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