CyberDetectER Endpoint

CyberDetectER Endpoint

Modern threat hunting, incident response, and 24x7 monitoring merged with elite responders and forensic experts for a complete Managed Detection and Response solution.

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Quickly Mature Your Cyber Security Program
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Reduction in Mean Time to Respond
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Confidently Face Evolving Cyber Threats and Mature Your Security Program Overnight

A key measure of a modern information security program is the ability to rapidly detect and effectively respond to an intrusion, however, organizations of all sizes continue to deploy the same defenses over and over. The problem? They keep finding themselves breached – often for months or years without knowing it (“dwell time”). Even organizations with full-time security staff can become so fatigued with constant alerts and false positives they miss the signs of a real intrusion until the damage is done.

Kroll’s CyberDetectER Endpoint + Red Canary combines powerful technology with human expertise and intelligence to take on the challenges of today’s unrelenting attacks on your systems. Best of all, this managed detection and response solution is designed to be accessible and useful to organizations at every level of cyber maturity, instantly enabling:

  • 24x7 monitoring and analysis of endpoint activity (servers, laptops and workstations), whether teams are on the road or in the office, enhanced with algorithm- and analyst-driven threat hunting and detection services
  • Rapid containment and investigation of validated threats with automated and real-time remote response capability
  • Access to Kroll’s global team of experts to investigate credible alerts and assist with any identified threats

Managed Detection and Response with CyberDetectER Endpoint

Endpoint Monitoring Enhanced by Behavioral and Forensic Analysis

  • All collected data is constantly fed through Red Canary’s detection engine in search of malicious or suspicious behavior
  • Potential threats are then sent to analysts for triage and further analysis
  • Confirmed threats are rated with a severity, classified, and include a timeline of relevant activity
  • The detection engine contains multiple threat intelligence sources and indicators of compromise (IOCs), including Kroll’s ongoing learnings from investigating real-world intrusions

Additionally, CyberDetectER Endpoint continuously searches for known bad and unusual behaviors, monitoring key endpoint activity:

  • All process execution events (programs being run, command lines used)
  • Metadata modifications (on registry and file system)
  • Network connections (connections to the internet and cloud connections)
  • Every single unique binary executed across the environment

The solution also gives you visibility to key information on the health of your system, with 24x7 portal access with metrics, reports and available remediation actions (e.g., block, delete, isolate, ignore). Some key features are highlighted below.

Executive Impact Report

Executive Impact Report

Executive level and detailed reporting on insights, trends and threats.

Security Orchestration and Automation

Security Orchestration and Automation

Our experts can help you build automated playbooks to take immediate and effective action against adversaries or collect forensic packages.

Greatly Reduce Dwell Time

Greatly Reduce Dwell Time

Powerful A.I. combined with experienced analysts and incident responders offers the fastest path to detection and resolution.

Networkwide Coverage, Credible Alerts and Timely, Expert Response

Cyberattacks are evolving. Network connections are growing. CyberDetectER Endpoint is the solution that lets you manage network threats efficiently and effectively.

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