CyberCetectER BINWatch

CyberDetectER BINWatch 

Reduce or prevent fraud losses from compromised payment cards with 24x7 deep and dark web monitoring and near real-time alerts.

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Unique Payment Card Monitoring Capabilities
Validated Bank Id Numbers (BINs) or Issuer Id Numbers (IINs)
Validated Bank ID Numbers (BINs) or Issuer ID Numbers (IINs)
150+ years of cyber threat intelligence and cybercrime investigations
150+ Years of Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cybercrime Investigations
Patent-protected collection engine crawls deeper and wider
Patent-Protected Collection Engine Crawls Deeper and Wider
AI-powered triage enables near real-time alerts
AI-Powered Triage Enables Near Real-time Alerts

Even after the implementation of EMV chip cards reduced the amount of counterfeit fraud1, payment networks and large issuers are still fighting an increase in card-not-present (CNP) fraud, with card fraud losses estimated to reach $32.82B in 20192

With over 3PB of indexed data from deep and dark web sources and nearly 6TB parsed by our AI algorithm daily, CyberDetectER BINWatch crawls deeper and wider to unearth compromised card numbers with unrivaled speed.

Rich and Flexible Reporting

Rich and Flexible Reporting

CyberDetectER BINWatch can leverage our deep and dark web data warehouse to provide a one-time “snapshot” as well as ongoing monitoring of the provided BIN/IIN range. Reports typically include:

  • Date of detection
  • Payment card number and expiration date
  • Whether security code (CVC) was detected
  • SHA1 Value
Unparalleled Collection Engine

Unparalleled Collection Engine

While most payment card fraud monitoring solutions are limited to lower-tier forums, the patent-protected collection engine in CyberDetectER BINWatch can index elite dark web forums, TOR networks, and a multitude of P2P networks as well as IRC channels to unearth freshly compromised numbers
Case Study: Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

Case Study: Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

Learn how CyberDetectER BINWatch helped a global financial services company identify 250 compromised cards from a single post on a TOR forum, minimizing potential fraud costs.

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Elite Cyber Threat Intelligence Expertise

CyberDetectER intelligence analysts bring over 150 years combined experience with multinational cybercrime investigations and threat intelligence to stay abreast of the constantly changing underground economy world, recognizing real threats and offering actionable advice.

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