Kroll Notification Navigator

With more than 20 years of breach notification experience and having handled the largest and most complex notification requirements in the world, Kroll is well versed in helping organizations notify third parties in the event of a breach. Reduce confusion, cost and complexity with the Kroll Notification Navigator.
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Kroll Notification Navigator

Kroll’s third-party breach management platform cuts through the complex logistics of coordinating breach notification for a compromised entity and the consumer-facing organizations with which they work.

Watch this video to see how we help clients navigate through the complexities of breach notifications with third parties.

With Several Stakeholders, Third-Party Breaches Require Thoughtful Solutions

Kroll Notification Navigator
Compromised entities have an obligation to notify individuals in close coordination with their consumer-facing clients.
Kroll Notification Navigator
Consumer-facing organizations need to be informed of the exposure, opt-in to the regulatory or individual notice.
Kroll Notification Navigator
Consumers want to understand personal impact and how to better protect themselves.


Effective Third-Party Breach Management Helps Reduce Notification Complexity and Costs

Kroll provides the technology and expertise to communicate with clients, collect opt-in decisions and exchange data files and letter templates on a simple to use platform that provides a defensible audit trail.

Key Benefits and Features


  • Consultation – Kroll Relationship Managers consult with client and counsel, and confirm data ownership and appropriate users
  • Optional Branding – Facilitate the co-branding of the third-party portal
  • Document Storage – Portal that provides third-parties access to helpful documents shared by client and counsel
  • Flexible Onboarding – With Kroll facilitating the onboarding of data owners, this allows them to seamlessly create portal accounts and review data in real time

Defensible Process

Kroll Notification Platform
  • Kroll-supplied tailored email or letter notification to impacted third-parties and end users
  • Systematic collection of opt-ins and other preferences
  • Trackable and auditable engagement with third parties

Digital Simplicity

Kroll Third-Party Notification Platform Digital Simplicity
  • Easy to use workflows for fast decision making and data review
  • Facilitates opt-in for notification to end customers and regulatory authorities
  • Intuitive and customizable SaaS platform

Kroll Expertise

Kroll Third-Party Notification Platform
  • Use of Kroll's industry leading breach response teams, trained in secure data handling
  • Experts at finding efficiency and simplicity in scale
  • Benefit of Kroll's expertise and best practices to maintain brand reputation during breach communication


Kroll Third-Party Notification Platform Execution
  • Opt-in Management – Portal allows decision-makers to opt into notification to the end consumers
  • Authority Notification Preparation – Provides simple forms to third-party decision makers that enable notifications to regulatory authority
  • Online Data Review – Portal allows third-party decision makers to review and edit contact information for end consumers


Kroll Third-Party Notification Platform
  • Third-Party Reporting – Utilizing a defensible audit trail, we provide client and counsel details on notification, opt-in and data review during the execution phase
  • Consumer Reporting – Providing clients and counsel with details on consumer notification, call center and monitoring activation rates

Reduce the Complexity and Costs of Third-Party Breach Notifications with Kroll Notification Navigator

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  • Fixed Cost
    Support from Kroll’s breach response team without concerns for ballooning billable hours
  • Clear ROI
    Kroll estimates that it takes up to 5 hours per data owner, Kroll makes this process more efficient, secure, and trackable
  • Centralized Consent
    Opt-in for end-consumers and regulatory authority notification is managed in the app 
  • Trackable and Secure
    Data volume collection, exchange, and facilitation in a single, secure application rather than individual FTP sites, and changes made by the data owners are trackable and auditable
  • Seamless Operation
    Patent-pending technology reduces chance for human error