Data Breach Call Center Services

A notification letter can generate lots of questions for those affected by a data breach. Kroll’s call center services are provided by skilled representatives who know how to handle difficult questions and stand at the ready to serve your breached population.
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Sometimes a real conversation can go a long way in easing concerns about a data breach event. That’s why our multilingual customer support team is ready quickly to provide front-line care for affected individuals. There’s no scrambling to assemble and train a team – our skilled, background-checked staff is already in place, prepared to serve your breached audience right away.

Our call center team is capable of answering thousands of inquiries quickly and professionally to help you maintain stakeholder trust. We’ll work with you to create a data breach notification FAQ customized to your business and industry, allowing our support team – devoted to handling calls about your incident – to function as a seamless extension of your company. Our data breach notification call center also provides access to Kroll’s licensed investigators, who can help individuals affected by a breach with questions about identity theft, and assist with personalized safeguards to reduce the likelihood of financial impact from unauthorized use of their lost or exposed data.

Should a breach include special populations, such as minors, decedents, or expatriates, consultation from an experienced support team will be important in resolving the questions from family members responsible for their loved ones.

In data breach response, the role of the call center is to ease fears, reduce confusion, and answer questions about the benefits available and the solutions in place. You’ll rest assured knowing that Kroll’s team, having supported countless breaches with thousands of hours of experience, is well equipped to provide the right level of service on behalf of your organization.

Identity Theft and Breach Notification

Services include drafting communications, full-service mailing, alternate notifications.

Identity Theft Restoration

Kroll provides your breach population with direct access to investigative experts for live support and best practice advice, as well as identity restoration should they become victims of identity theft.

Data Breach Notification Letters

Kroll will work with your team to implement a personalized, plain-language notification letter that provides pertinent information and maintains message control.

Pharmaceutical Recall Notifications

Kroll's expertise handling large-scale notifications for highly regulated industries helps you increase efficiencies and meet regulatory requirements.

Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring can be a powerful tool to offer in the wake of a data breach. Kroll provides a monitoring alert system that’s backed by the expertise of our licensed investigator team.

Identity Monitoring

Kroll’s unique combination of identity monitoring services can detect more types of identity theft than credit monitoring alone, providing practical help to combat identity theft and fraud.