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Proactively safeguard your organization’s digital assets and accelerate visibility of online threats.
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Unrivaled Digital Risk Protection Overview

Kroll’s Digital Risk Protection services provide a holistic understanding of what information is available about your organization in all corners of the internet. This can range from monitoring brand reputation to assessing the extent of leaked data from a past incident. Powered by key partnerships and elite threat intelligence analysts, Kroll’s cyber threat intelligence team leverages frontline expertise to monitor both surface and deep and dark web for deeper insight into any exposure.

As the world’s #1 incident response provider, we deliver frontline-informed dark web monitoring, brand monitoring and domain protection, and threat monitoring for social media, chat platforms and repositories. Drawing on experience in the U.S. Secret Service, the FBI, Fortune 100 and the National Cyber Forensic Training Alliance (NCFTA), Kroll’s analysts manage and minimize your organization’s exposure to risk in an increasingly complex threat landscape.

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Identify Leaked or Stolen Information
Identify Leaked or Stolen Information
Know if You’re Being Targeted by Cyber Attackers
Know if You’re Being Targeted by Cyber Attackers
Identify an Ongoing or Past Data Breach
Identify an Ongoing or Past Data Breach
Safeguard Against Brand Abuse and Impersonation

Reduce your Attack Surface

The continually evolving attack surface demands constant vigilance. Attack surface management or external attack surface management (EASM) enables organizations to monitor for and manage these types of threats more easily and effectively.  Kroll’s digital risk protection service enables you to gain comprehensive insight into your external attack surface and continuously reduce your exposure across the surface, deep and dark web. 

Account takeover is one of the most common ways in which threat actors gain access to accounts, typically by using previously compromised or stolen credentials sold on the dark web to automate login attempts. By monitoring comprehensively for compromised credentials, digital risk protection minimizes the risks created by account takeover.


Types of Activity Kroll Monitors For

  • Email address and password pairs exposed or sold on the dark web, hacking forums and marketplaces
  • Forum chatter about vulnerabilities or offers of network access or data for sale
  • Data dumps or sensitive documents appearing on primary sources
  • Negative or derogatory comments directed at the client or client-owned brands
  • Third-party data exposures
  • Payment cards, personally identifiable information (PII), passports and other sensitive data posted or sold on marketplaces, shops or forums


  • Phishing campaigns and event logs matching client names, email addresses or domains
  • Employees exposing sensitive information on public sites or forums
  • Initial access brokers selling backdoors/malware, compromised server, RDP, VPN or account credentials
  • Activist/hacktivist groups discussing or targeting a client on forums and chat channels

How It Works

Our threat intelligence analysts use a combination of automated and manual data collection methods to monitor for any exposures across the surface, deep and dark web sources, including ransomware shaming sites, criminal marketplaces, private forums, closed and private bin/paste sites and Tor chat platforms.

Our analysts then filter out false positives and duplicates to deliver an early warning of targeted malicious activity in the form of alerts via our client portal, Redscan, that could be indicative of an impending, targeted attack campaign on your organization.

Digital Risk Protection

Kroll’s Digital Risk Protection Services

Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

Kroll's threat intelligence analysts hunt for activity matching selected keywords that appear on the deep and dark web and on other areas of the internet where malicious activity is most likely to take place.

Our experts review activity, mentions, chatter and data listings and deliver alerts for any type of activity that could potentially pose a risk.

Apart from monitoring for general security purposes, covering keywords such as company name, subsidiaries, domains and executive names, Kroll’s analysts also check for activity related to a specific security incident.

This includes terms related to the incident, specific data contained in exposed or exfiltrated documents, such as customer names and employee names, and in some cases, indicators of compromise (IOCs), as well as specific data contained in exposed/exfiltrated documents. 

Domain Monitoring and Brand Protection

Through expert threat hunting, detection and takedown, Kroll's experts will help secure and preserve your organization's brand reputation. Our analysts alert you of potential attacks on your owned sites and identify spoofed sites that use typo squatting or other copycat techniques, helping to protect clients from phishing and malware scams.

Once a malicious site is identified, Kroll provides a complete managed remediation and takedown service.


Threat Monitoring: Social Media, Chat and Repository

Kroll’s intelligence analysts monitor common social media and chat platforms, including encrypted platforms, for suspicious activity or chatter relating to your organization, as well as check existing repositories for any hidden keys or suspicious activity. We merge market-leading social media monitoring technology with unrivaled threat intelligence expertise to scan popular social media and other surface web platforms—ensuring thorough oversight of potential cyber and reputational threats. We can complete a one-off review or provide ongoing monitoring for real-time threat alerts.

Case Study – Fortune 100 Financial Services Company


Kroll’s Dark Web Monitoring service identified a post on a forum located on the Tor network containing over 1,500 credit card numbers, along with all the information needed to compromise the cards and use them for fraudulent purposes. The forum where this data was detected is known for harboring sensitive data and attracting users who may use it for malicious purposes. Approximately 250 of these cards were issued to consumers by one of Kroll’s clients in the financial services industry.

Because this client had our 24/7 Dark Web Monitoring service, the disclosure of this sensitive customer data was quickly reported to our client as a threat.

Kroll was able to identify the source (forum names and usernames of the users who appeared to post the data), which was included in the incident report.

The client was able to quickly identify its affected customers and take action on the issued credit cards, thus minimizing the possibility of fraudulent transactions on these cards. This in turn helped bolster customer satisfaction and preserve the relationship, producing a competitive edge in a crowded sector of credit card providers.

The client was also able to manage its ongoing risk by being aware of these forums and potentially nefarious actors on the deep web and file sharing networks.

Supplement Your MDR Service with Digital Risk Protection

Supplement Your MDR Service with Digital Risk Protection

Customers who choose to bundle our Responder MDR service with our Digital Risk Protection services see added benefits:

  • Alerting of Both Internal and External Threat Activity in One Portal
    By having alerts from your internal controls and from the dark web in one interface, you can maintain visibility of both threats in the wild and in your network. This also gives you the opportunity to immediately get more context behind a threat in your environment such as previously leaked or stolen information.
  • Extended Visibility of Threat Activity Across the Attack Chain, From Pre-, During and Post-compromise
    Supplementing your MDR service with dark web monitoring gives you extended visibility across the entire attacker lifecycle, which gives you additional layers of defense: 1) the opportunity to stop a planned attack in its tracks before it hits your network 2) if it does enter your network you have visibility but also can respond to contain it and 3) if the attack is successful or if it has compromised a previously unmonitored endpoint, you can identify early what data has been leaked.
  • Use Intel From Surface, Deep and Dark Web to Supplement New Detection Use Cases
    This intelligence gives your security operations teams additional IOCs to monitor, which, in turn, can be a new source for creating adversary-driven detection rules and playbooks. Armed with this additional intel can refocus your security controls but also proactively indicate new security policies and hardening priorities.
  • Extend Response, Not Just Detection
    Some providers such as Kroll can include takedown services so organizations can respond to any signs of brand impersonations such as typosquatting or phishing campaigns. This adds an additional string to your bow in terms of response options that go beyond your internal controls to more external threats.

Digital Risk Protection in a Cyber Risk Retainer

Digital risk protection can significantly advance the security of your organization’s digital identity and reputation. Kroll clients are able to package digital risk protection services with Kroll’s cyber risk retainer, for prioritized access to elite investigators and the flexibility to allocate incident response resources, as well as all other cybersecurity solutions offered by Kroll.

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