CyberDetectER DarkWeb

With tens of thousands of potential threats lurking in remote corners of the deep and dark web, how can you know if your organization’s sensitive information is at risk, or if you’re being targeted by cyber attackers? Discover, analyze and address your organization’s global exposure on the dark web and social media with CyberDetectER Dark Web.

CyberDetectER® DarkWeb continuously monitors the deep and dark web, as well as file sharing networks, IRC channels and other forums to deliver an extensive view of your organization’s exposure – from business credentials to trade secrets to confidential financial documents, and more, helping reduce the risk of costly cyber-attacks and reputational damage.

Uncover Risks to Your Sensitive Data, Staff, Brand and Infrastructure

Credential Monitoring
Credential Monitoring
Executive/VIP Exposure
Executive/VIP Exposure
IP and Brand Protection
IP and Brand Protection
Third Party Risk
Third-Party Risk Management

CyberDetecter DarkWeb

Over 6.5TB of deep and dark web data is ingested daily by patent-protected technology and added to Kroll’s secure data store indexed over 14 years. Kroll analysts work with you to identify your unique set of keywords to customize monitoring based on your organization’s needs and potential threats. Once exposed data is identified, AI algorithms filter and prioritize for evaluation by Kroll’s Intelligence analysts, providing a powerful combination of technology and human analysis to reduce false positives.

  • Learn more about how CyberDetectER DarkWeb leverages AI to proactively detect, track, and minimize data loss threats
  • See how dark web monitoring can be a strategic advantage for law firms and their clients

Extensive Digital Risk Protection

Extensive Digital Risk Protection

Identify and monitor key digital risks across millions of deep and dark web sources:

  • 4M+ active P2P and dark web connections
  • 200+ IRC channels
  • 76K+ hidden dark web services
  • Nearly 4K new sources added daily
Threats at a Glance

CyberDetectER DarkWeb is your window to potential threats and exposures to your organization. The user-friendly dashboard provides insights into the number of files where your keywords were found, the actual number of alerts generated, as well as the threat type and source and mitigation recommendations from Kroll’s experts.  

Review Credible Threats

Review Credible Threats

Combining AI with expert human analysis helps cuts through the noise to eliminate false positives. This means you’ll receive only credible threats, saving your team time to focus on real risks.

Versatile and Scalable to Meet Your Needs

In addition to the benefits produced by ongoing monitoring, CyberDetectER can be deployed for strategic applications, including but not limited to:

  • APIs and Data Feeds: Organizations with the requisite internal resources can arrange for rich intelligence feeds easily integrated with a variety of applications and Security Information and Event Management systems (SIEMs)
  • Customized Investigations: Our intelligence analysts can conduct deeper research to help support new ventures, M&A projects, litigation and suspected internal fraud, among others, and assist in assessing risk

Actionable Alerts at a Glance

Actionable Alerts at a Glance

Each credible alert is accompanied by proactive advice on next steps your security team should take to protect your data or thwart a cyberattack. Recommendations are tailored to your organization and the exact threat. 

Combining Experience With Advanced Search

With more than 150 years of combined experience with cybercrime investigations as well as threat intelligence, Kroll experts can effectively recognize threats, provide meaningful assessments of exposure and vulnerabilities, and offer actionable advice. 

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