Kroll Artifact Parser and Extractor (KAPE) Resources

This page houses official documentation relating the Kroll Artifact Parser and Extractor (KAPE). It will also contain the latest KAPE news, as well as webcasts, case studies, tutorials and other training materials. For any KAPE related questions or assistance with customizations, please contact [email protected]

Primarily a triage program, Kroll’s Artifact Parser and Extractor (KAPE) will target both device or storage locations to find the most forensically relevant artifacts (based on your needs) and parse them within a few minutes. Thus, arming investigators with the right tool to find and prioritize the more critical systems to their case. 


"KAPE serves two primary functions: 1) collect files and 2) process collected files with one or more programs. By itself, KAPE does not do anything in relation to either of these functions, rather, they are achieved by reading configuration files on the fly, and based on the contents of these files, collecting and processing files. This makes KAPE very extensible in adding or extending functionality." – Eric Zimmerman .


This page will hold official documentation as well as the latest KAPE news, webcasts, tutorials, and more. See list below: 

Webcast – Insider Threat Investigations Using KAPE

The Kroll Artifact Parser and Extractor (KAPE) has assisted investigators in solving insider threats faster than ever before due to its ability to process forensic artifacts within minutes.

Learn from two of our resident experts, Anthony Knutson and Aaron Read, as they discuss how best KAPE is used during insider threat investigations, its efficiencies for their teams and how it’s changing the landscape of forensic analysis.

Watch the full Insider Threat Investigations Using KAPE webcast.

Webcast – Child Exploitation Investigation with KAPE

In this session, KAPE creator Eric Zimmerman showcases how key Windows artifacts can be collected from a live or forensic image, parsed and reviewed in a few minutes using KAPE. Additionally, Eric demonstrates how to make custom targets to collect child exploitation material such as .jpgs, .pngs, .mp4s, etc. These examples can then be extended to meet the requirements of even the most complex cases.

Watch the full Child Exploitation Investigation with KAPE webcast.

Webcast – Artifact Analysis Timeline with KAPE

In this webcast replay, KAPE instructor and Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) expert Mari DeGrazia showcases how key Windows artifacts can be collected from a live or forensic image, parsed and structured into a mini timeline in just a few minutes using KAPE.

Watch the full Express Artifact Analysis Timeline Development with KAPE webcast.

Webcast – Enhancing Event Log Analysis With EvtxECmd Using KAPE

How much time are you spending manually parsing and sorting event logs? In this webcast, Kroll’s Andrew Rathbun demonstrates how to run EvtxECmd through KAPE to expedite event log analysis and how to create your custom maps.

Watch the full Enhancing Event Log Analysis with EvtxECmd using KAPE webcast

Want Additional KAPE Support?

Kroll instructors conduct frequent KAPE Intensive Training and Certification to help you and your team get started. Our experts are also available to address your KAPE questions, assist with customizations and more via [email protected].

Please note: The solo edition of the Kroll Artifact Parser and Extractor (KAPE) allows the tool to be used at no cost by any local, state or international government agency, and by educational or research organization, or for internal company purposes. An enterprise license is required when KAPE is used on a third-party network and/or as part of a paid engagement.

Page last updated: Jan 15, 2021

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KAPE Quarterly Updates


KAPE Quarterly Update – Q2 2022

Jul 19, 2022

by Eric Zimmerman Andrew Rathbun


KAPE Quarterly Update – Q1 2022

Apr 27, 2022

by Eric Zimmerman Andrew Rathbun


KAPE Quarterly Update – Q4 2021

Feb 02, 2022

by Eric Zimmerman Andrew Rathbun


KAPE Quarterly Update – Q3 2021

Oct 21, 2021

by Eric ZimmermanNickolas B. Savage Andrew Rathbun


KAPE Quarterly Update – Q2 2021

Aug 02, 2021

by Eric ZimmermanNickolas B. Savage Andrew Rathbun


KAPE Quarterly Update – Q1 2021

Apr 22, 2021

by Eric ZimmermanNickolas B. Savage Ioan Peters Andrew Rathbun


Webcast Replay

How to Use KAPE and SQLECmd with EventTranscript.db

Oct 04, 2021


Forensically Unpacking EventTranscript.db: An Investigative Series

Jul 09, 2021

Anti-Forensic Tactics

Webcast Replay

Webcast Replay – How to Identify Timestomping Using KAPE

Jun 15, 2022 - Join Kroll's Andrew Rathbun as he walks through how to detect Timestomping using KAPE.


Sophisticated Anti-Forensic Tactics and How To Spot Them

Investigative research into anti-forensics tactics Kroll experts have observed in ongoing incident response investigations.



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Oct 28, 2020


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Oct 23, 2020


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Oct 07, 2020


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In-Person Nov 10, 2022 | in-person


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