Cyber Policy Review and Design

Ensure that your cyber security policy has the appropriate controls needed to keep your organization's information secure with a remediation plan in place in the event of an incident.

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Ensure corporate policy design is keeping pace with your dynamic risk environment.

Your organization likely has policies in place aimed at keeping information secure and responding to a data security incident. Such safety measures are required by a number of federal, state, and industry regulations. Yet policies aren’t just a matter of regulatory compliance – they also guide employees to make sound decisions in the face of risk. That’s why it’s so important to ensure the measures you have in place to prevent and respond to data loss remain effective, even as your risks evolve – whether as the result of regulatory developments, technological advances, or an expanding threat landscape. Kroll’s cyber policy design and review services can help ensure your policies are responsive and supportive of business growth.

Policy review: putting your policies and procedures to the test

Whether you’re looking to strengthen information security policy design or evaluate the effectiveness of your incident response plan, a policy review by Kroll can help you ensure the security measures you have in place actually work when needed and are consistent with industry best practices. Our cyber security experts will work closely with you to understand your organization’s unique business needs, so we can determine if the appropriate controls are in place to help your organization keep information secure, while also staying productive.

Sound policy design today for peace of mind tomorrow

With Kroll, you can feel confident that you’re taking the steps needed to strengthen your organization’s policy design. Once we’ve completed the policy review process, we’ll analyze our findings to identify issues that could potentially lead to failure, prioritize steps that can be taken to mitigate risk, and assist your organization in developing an actionable remediation plan.

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