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Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

Proactively identify vulnerable systems and devices that may be exploited by an attacker or malicious software, often resulting in data loss or breach.

Is your company’s IT system vulnerable to attacks by malicious outsiders? Could internal enemies damage your data security? Kroll’s vulnerability assessment services can help you answer these important questions – mapping out a prioritized pathway to increased cybersecurity for your business.

Kroll’s experts will evaluate your defensive security posture using industry standard assessment tools as well as manual attack techniques meant to uncover weaknesses that are often missed with automated vulnerability scanning alone. Since our tests are performed by professional ethical hackers with extensive incident responder experience, you gain valuable insight from an attacker’s perspective.

In addition to reporting on the vulnerabilities we discover, Kroll provides remediation guidance and risk scoring to ensure your teams have the information necessary to prioritize remediation efforts. 

Our Vulnerability Scanning team will test your:

  • network
  • servers
  • routers
  • mobile devices
  • websites
  • web applications

We have the vulnerability assessment expertise to select and calibrate the best tools for your unique industry and IT system. We’ll also work with your internal IT department to coordinate a vulnerability scanning schedule that won’t interrupt important systems or services.

From Vulnerability Scanning to Actionable Data

Once vulnerability scanning is complete, our team of experts will analyze the findings, delivering a set of actionable, prioritized recommendations to improve your information security posture. Applying our expert perspective to thousands of pages of data, we highlight the critical security issues that must be addressed today – and provide you with a plan for continuous improvement over time.

Comprehensive Related Services

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  • Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • IoT Device Vulnerability Testing
  • Dark Web Vulnerability Scanning
  • Source Code Review and Analysis
  • Cyber Due Diligence Assessments

Case Study

Vulnerability Assessment – Private Equity Firm

Kroll completed a vulnerability assessment for a multi-strategy private equity investment firm. Our results indicated that our client needed stronger defensive measures. It was unable to adequately protect itself against some common malware attacks. Kroll recommended a layered defense strategy along with additional logging that could provide significant evidence if there was a breach. Kroll presented 16 specific vulnerabilities that were considered “high severity” as defined by potential business impact.

Learn how Kroll’s cyber vulnerability assessment can help your organization take a proactive step against cybercrime and decrease your risk of a data breach. Contact us today.

Industry Accreditation
CREST has accredited Kroll as a global Penetration Testing provider.


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System Assessments and Testing

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