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Kroll's cyber risk assessments deliver actionable recommendations to improve security, using industry best practices & the best technology available.
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When it comes to data breach prevention, what you don’t know can hurt you. Your company faces IT risk daily—whether you’re fending off internal threats or enhancing protection against external intrusions.

How well are you balancing your need to lock down data with tighter security controls, while providing your team with easy access to the information that drives your success? You can never be sure of your security stance unless you’re conducting periodic security assessments.

Cyber Risk Assessments - What's Included?

Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessments include a detailed review of the information security program—from policies and procedures to technical controls, including people, processes and technologies. We conduct a series of interviews with internal stakeholders, across both technical and business teams, to identify areas for improvement to mature the organization's information security program, using the NIST Cybersecurity framework as guidance.

The objective is to review the maturity of an organization’s information security program, with an emphasis on its ability to defend against and respond to modern cybersecurity threats affecting its information assets and mitigate the risk of suffering a security breach.

At the conclusion of an assessment, clients will receive a summary report designed to communicate security posture to senior management, including an assessment of the organization’s maturity level and an outline of critical risks identified. Additionally, a technical details report will be provided, with relevant and actionable recommendations prioritized by likelihood, impact and overall risk so the organization knows what to remediate first.

At Kroll, we apply years of data breach prevention expertise to our cyber risk assessments. Our experts are Certified Information Systems Auditors, Certified Information Security Managers, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals and Certified Ethical Hackers. They are ex-FBI agents, CTOs, CISOs, IT and security directors, cyber investigators, infrastructure managers, forensic computer scientists and networking professionals—people who speak the same language as your internal IT staff and who can perform the in-depth analysis your busy teams don’t have the time or resources to conduct.

Security Assessments Accurately Define Your Potential for Exposure

Performing security assessments for global clients from nearly every industry and government agency, Kroll’s information security experts employ tested techniques, industry best practices and the best of commercial and proprietary technologies to:

  • Identify, monitor and analyze information-related vulnerabilities effectively
  • Help you determine methods to manage or resolve data security risks
  • Spot potential data privacy and security compliance issues
  • Prioritize remediation steps into an effective plan based on your company’s specific goals, schedule and budget

Information Risk Assessments: One Size Does Not Fit All

At Kroll, we recognize the key to successful risk assessment and data breach prevention is achieving and maintaining the right level of security for your organization. Our data breach prevention experts offer a full range of internal and external risk assessments to evaluate your systems, applications and processes for a variety of vulnerabilities.

Our range of assessments includes:

Baseline Security Risk Review

Aimed at small and medium businesses, a baseline review focuses on foundational security components that will help your organization reduce risk and prepare for a full cybersecurity risk assessment.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

A full cybersecurity risk assessment thoroughly reviews your information security program—across policy, people, processes and technologies.

Annual Risk Assessments

Annual cybersecurity risk assessments can help track progress of organizational security efforts, identify new threats and give organizations updated guidance necessary to protect against these threats.

HIPAA Risk Analysis and Security Assessment

A review of your information security management processes to assist the development of a strategy to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic health care data.

Ransomware Preparedness Assessments

An assessment of strengths and weaknesses in your security defenses with a specific focus on the ever-prevalent threat of ransomware. Read more here.

Incident Response Preparedness Assessment

An assessment of your cybersecurity incident response plan, processes and defensive controls to help prepare your organization to respond to a cybersecurity incident.

Technical Security Assessments

Kroll also offers a range of technical cloud and on-premise security assessments tailored to specific deployments that integrate overall security best practices with measures that are customized to your organization’s specific architecture and risk tolerance. These include:

Industry Accreditation
CREST has accredited Kroll as a global Penetration Testing provider.


Increased Cyber Resilience with a Cyber Risk Retainer

Kroll delivers more than a typical incident response retainer—secure a true cyber risk retainer with elite digital forensics and incident response capabilities and maximum flexibility for proactive and notification services.

Cyber Risk

Incident response, digital forensics, breach notification, managed detection services, penetration testing, cyber assessments and advisory.

Virtual CISO (vCISO) Advisory Services

Kroll’s Virtual CISO (vCISO) services help executives, security and technology teams safeguard information assets while supporting business operations with augmented cyber expertise to reduce business risk, signal commitment to data security and enhance overall security posture.

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Fortify your defenses and maximize your technology investment with a Microsoft 365 security assessment from Kroll.

Cyber Litigation Support

Whether responding to an investigatory matter, forensic discovery demand, or information security incident, Kroll’s forensic engineers have extensive experience providing litigation support and global eDiscovery services to help clients win cases and mitigate losses.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Consultancy Services

Kroll's data privacy team provide DPO consultancy services to help you become and stay compliant with regulatory mandates.

Cyber Governance and Strategy

Manage cyber risk and information security governance issues with Kroll’s defensible cyber security strategy framework.

Cyber Risk Retainer

Kroll delivers more than a typical incident response retainer—secure a true cyber risk retainer with elite digital forensics and incident response capabilities and maximum flexibility for proactive and notification services.

24x7 Incident Response

Kroll is the largest global IR provider with experienced responders who can handle the entire security incident lifecycle.

Notification, Call Centers and Monitoring

Kroll’s data breach notification, call centers and monitoring team brings global breach response expertise to efficiently manage regulatory and reputational needs.