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Kroll’s offensive security experts test artificial intelligence (AI), large language model (LLM) and machine learning (ML) technologies to enable systems to follow fundamental security principles and reduce risk to organizations.
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AI is a rapidly evolving field and Kroll is focused on advancing the AI security testing approach for large language models (LLM) and, more broadly, AI and ML. Our methodology and approach are constantly updated to reflect the latest developments in these fast-changing technologies.

The biggest challenge in LLM testing is dealing with the unlimited complexity of language inputs. LLMs take text-based input and tokenize the words into elements of a vector; these vectors are then transformed across a massive neural network that captures the relationships of all words to form human languages. The scale of the complexity of these relationships means that an attacker has virtually unlimited ways to prompt an LLM to achieve their goals. Designing and testing guardrails to protect such a system is extremely challenging.


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Nearly 100% of Models Vulnerable to Prompt Injection

Across all our AI security testing, 92% of assessments discovered a “prompt injection” vulnerability, potentially allowing attackers to manipulate the model and its behavior through malicious inputs.

Prompt Injection Presents Significant Risk

In our testing, 80% of “prompt injection” vulnerabilities were either high or medium risk. Direct and indirect prompt injection attacks can lead to sensitive data exposure, excessive computing costs and reputational damage.

AI Implementation Proceeds at Rapid Pace

By 2026, more than 80% of enterprises will have used GenAI APIs, models and/or deployed generative AI (GenAI)-enabled applications in production environments.

AI Security Tools are Gaining Traction

Thirty-four percent of organizations are either already using or implementing AI application security tools to mitigate the accompanying risks of GenAI.


Our AI Security Testing and AI Penetration Testing Approach

Kroll has developed an AI security testing methodology that aligns with the OWASP Top 10 for LLM applications.

The OWASP LLM Top 10 is a new standard that will also continue to evolve and mature with LLM security; it serves as a baseline for our coverage. Importantly, our approach goes beyond ensuring coverage of the OWASP LLM Top 10 categories to help clients identify and understand the risks presented by LLM systems in the context of their applications and business. Our AI penetration testing approach has the following components:

Dynamic LLM Testing

  • Our consultants interact with the LLM using adversarial prompts to discover system behavior and identify vulnerabilities.

Cloud Configuration Review

  • Cloud configuration reviews cover all cloud components in scope with additional validation LLM system and data components.

LLM Developer Survey

  • Kroll clients a complete developer survey to provide key background information about the model, training data and process and system components. This helps our consultants to more accurately evaluate system components that are not accessible from a pentester perspective. This survey initiates a dialog between our consultants and clients, allowing us to maintain open communication at every stage of the AI security testing or AI penetration test, especially around LLM security issues.

Application Penetration Testing

  • All LLM security assessments will be conducted as part of a web application penetration test. This provides a comprehensive assessment of the application and ensures that application vulnerabilities in non-LLM components do not impact LLM systems.

Include AI Security Testing Services in Your Cyber Risk Retainer

All our AI penetration testing services can be delivered as part of Kroll’s ultra-flexible cyber risk retainer, along with a variety of services like penetration testingred team and tabletop exercises. In addition to bringing solutions together in one flexible package, the retainer allows clients to gain prioritized access to Kroll’s elite digital forensics and incident response team in the event of an incident.

Nurturing a Culture of Continuous Innovation and Improvement

Kroll continually invests in LLM and AI security testing research and development. As well as supporting a consistent approach, this ensures that our AI security testing and AI penetration testing consultants are highly experienced in LLM and AI technology.

Internal LLM Security Methodology Development

Our LLM security methodology is continually updated to reflect new changes in this fast-evolving area of security. We offer a detailed approach to ensure that our team covers all key areas when completing an LLM security assessment. 

Prompt Injection Guide

A collection and categorization of existing prompt injection techniques, providing consultants with a reference to successfully achieve prompt injection, is used to group similar techniques so that our consultants are better prepared to develop the latest techniques. 

LLM Security Vulnerability Data

By cataloging all LLM vulnerabilities discovered across all clients in anonymized form, we are able gain key insights into trends and risk data about LLM vulnerabilities in real world applications. This data is also fed into our prompt injection guide to allow us to prioritize effective techniques. 

Internal AI Roundtables

Regular internal round table meetings on AI security allow us to share knowledge, with a focus on specific topics and analyzing new ways to enhance our service offerings. 

Inference Server Security Research

Inference servers are a critical piece of infrastructure required to host AI models. We invest extensive research efforts into understanding security issues impacting this component, the potential attack surface and architectural issues. 

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