Third Party and Vendor Screening

Kroll’s Third Party & Vendor Screening solutions facilitate global anti-corruption compliance.
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An increased focus on global regulatory compliance has resulted in highly publicized incidents of corruption and bribery–placing greater pressure on corporations to take a closer look at their third-party and joint venture relationships. For corporate boards, legal counsel and compliance officers, this means evaluating the risk associated with your business relationships. Doing so can help you preserve brand integrity and business continuity, while protecting against lawsuits, fines and other undesirable consequences of a regulatory violation.

Kroll supports corporate third party risk management programs by:

  • Segmenting third parties to drive risk-based due diligence decisions
  • Facilitating the on-boarding of third parties through Kroll’s Compliance Portal
  • Performing risk-based due diligence to support their third party compliance program

Maritime Due Diligence

Know-Your-Vessel Compliance and Due Diligence.

Supply Chain Vendor Screening and Due Diligence Services

Identifying, assessing, mitigating and monitoring third-party risk in modern supply chains