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Automate Your Due Diligence Processes

Third-party compliance risks are a constant threat to your organization. Your third parties present several risks that must be handled in different ways. Without technology, the result is often a fragmented, manual and error-prone compliance program that zaps time, resources and patience. The Kroll Compliance Portal’s Workflow Automation tool helps automate and unify your third-party due diligence processes for a more efficient and a more risk-aware organization.

Automate Your Due Diligence Processes

  • Reduce human error and time spent through automated and consistent due diligence workflows.
  • Standardize third-party onboarding, recertification and risk-scoring, according to your business rules.
  • Remove communication barriers and facilitate global decision-making.
  • Increase transparency and measure automation ROI with tracking and reporting tools.
  • Prearrange enhanced due diligence ordering based on third-party criteria such as risk score.
  • All due diligence actions are automatically documented and organized by the third party.
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What Can I Automate

What Can I Automate?

The more an organization automates, the more time stakeholders spend on high-skill, value-add due diligence tasks. Organizations looking to improve the flexibility, usability and scale of their third-party due diligence program need to look no further than Kroll’s Workflow Automation tool. Through preset templates or customized drag-and-drop workflows, automate every step of your third-party due diligence process:

  • Third-party screening and monitoring
  • Enhanced due diligence report ordering
  • Third-party questionnaire or compliance document transmission
  • Profile approvals and decision delegation
  • Documentation of due diligence actions
  • GDPR-compliant procedures

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