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Commercial Property Valuation Platform Commercial Property Valuation Platform

Commercial Property Valuation Platform

Uncover insurance opportunities and risks with fast, cost-effective and accurate valuations.

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Commercial Property Valuation Platform

Kroll’s Commercial Property Valuation Platform is a robust online tool that provides high-speed, cost-effective, and credible valuations on property data at scale in seconds. Driven by high-quality data with global coverage, the algorithm enables a comprehensive portfolio view of property risks with powerful automated analytics.

The algorithm alerts clients where the data warrants further investigation, and our valuation experts follow-up to provide insights and deeper analysis. Clients can avoid overlooking potentially risky situations by alerting outliers or high-risk properties.

Commercial Property Valuation Platform

Global Property Insurance Valuations at Your Command

High-Speed, Cost-Effective Valuations
Credible Valuations at Scale
Automated One-Off Valuations
Reliable Global Data Sources

Powered by Proprietary Data, Technology and Insights. Backed by Experts.

Increase Valuation Frequency

Performing up-to-date valuations is simple with sophisticated algorithms. Input property information to receive valuations instantly. Use the automated valuation process to evaluate thousands of properties in one click. Kroll valuation experts review results, ensuring accuracy.

Ensure Insurance Coverage Adequacy

Uncover hidden opportunities–or risks–created by inadequate coverage. Immediately identify risk gaps by comparing valuations to current value adequacy to take strategic action. The algorithm automatically identifies disparities in value so that you can proactively remedy over and under insurance.

Leverage Portfolio Analysis

Get a comprehensive view of your portfolio’s underinsurance risks with powerful automated analytics. Slice and dice the data by any variable, including geographic areas, occupancy types and valuation sizes. Visualizing the risks and opportunities will help you prioritize actions.

Organize Data Collection

Collecting data from different sources doesn’t have to be complicated. Automatically integrate with existing databases, from existing systems, perform one-click batch uploads or manually enter one-off properties for evaluation. Close data gaps and collect key information through surveys sent to property holders.

Insurance Valuation Services

With over 100 years of experience, we provide commercial and personal property insurance valuation services for fixed assets like buildings, plant and machinery to clients worldwide.

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Valuation Advisory Services

Our valuation experts provide valuation services for financial reporting, tax, investment and risk management purposes.

Fixed Asset Advisory Services

Kroll provides clients the transparency they need by identifying, managing, and valuing their fixed assets.

Insurance Valuation Services

Kroll provides commercial and personal property insurance valuation services (for fixed assets like buildings, plant and machinery) to clients worldwide.

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