Tasneem Azad
Tasneem Azad

Tasneem Azad

Managing Director, Testifying Expert

Tasneem Azad is a managing director in the Expert Services practice of Kroll, based in the London office. In addition, she serves as the head of Economics Disputes Consulting for the EMEA region.

Tasneem has more than 20 years of experience supporting clients across a range of industries, including technology and internet platforms, financial services and payments systems, media (broadcast television, radio and digital), retail and wholesale insurance, information, communications (fixed and mobile), utilities (water and energy) and network infrastructure.

She supports projects with the application of economic techniques including complex data analytics, statistical and econometric analyses, survey design and conjoint analyses, benchmarking, demand and market modelling, profitability analyses, pricing assessments, economic impact and cost-benefit analyses, and scenario and option analyses.

Tasneem provides expert advice to clients in a range of contexts including:

  • Commercial litigation and international arbitration matters (including providing expert testimony in respect of factual causation and/ or the quantification of damages)
  • Securities litigation cases, for example related to FSMA 90 and 90A breaches (including market recreation, event studies to assess drops in share prices and investor portfolio modelling to determine quantum)
  • Consumer class actions (including assessing counterfactuals and resulting loss to the class)
  • Competition cases (dominance, anti-competitive conduct and cartel follow-on claims)
  • Regulatory investigations or market inquiries, such as before the European Commission, UK Competition and Markets Authority and sectoral regulators
  • Conduct regulation issues in financial services and payment systems markets, including behavioral economics issues and matters before the UK Financial Conduct Authority
  • Transactional regulatory due diligence; and
  • General economic advisory and complex data analytics

Prior to joining Kroll in 2019, Tasneem was a managing director at a global professional services firm leading its European Economics practice, a director within a London-based economics consultancy and a member of the UK Government Economic Service—holding posts at the then Department of Trade and Industry, Her Majesty’s Cabinet Office, the Office of Fair Trading and a UK sectoral regulator. Tasneem was also seconded to the European Commission as a national expert on competition and regulation.

Tasneem is recognised as a world-leading practitioner in the Euromoney Expert Guide on competition and antitrust and was recognized by [email protected] in its 2019 top 40 in their 40s competition professionals in Europe, the Americas and Africa.

Tasneem earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Economics and Philosophy, both from the London School of Economics. She also completed a further master’s level course in Industrial Economics from the London School of Economics.

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