Soufiane Qassimi

Soufiane is a managing director in the Valuation Advisory Services practice, based in Paris.

Since joining the firm in 2011, Soufiane has performed and supervised numerous valuations for financial reporting, tax and transactional purposes where he gained extensive experience in the valuation of businesses, intangible assets and employee incentive schemes. He assists clients in their valuation-related projects ranging from purchase price allocations and impairment tests, to the valuation of technologies, legal entities and management packages across multiple industries.

Prior to joining Kroll (formerly Duff & Phelps), Soufiane’s experience included M&A valuation and modeling at Citi’s Investment Banking division. He also gained significant exposure to derivative-based market risk advisory, as well as the sale of fixed income derivatives in emerging economies at Société Générale in Paris and BNP Paribas in London.

Soufiane earned an MSc. in Management from HEC Paris, where he specialized in quantitative economics and finance in a joint program with École Polytechnique. He is a member of the Société Française des Evaluateurs (SFEV), France Invest and the Association des Professionnels et Directeurs Comptabilité et Gestion (APDC).

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