Shane Schenkel



Director of Technology

Shane Schenkel is the director of technology in the Restructuring Administration practice, based in New York. Shane has over 24 years of experience in all stages of application development, with over 10 years in various management roles, including five years with bankruptcy systems.

In his current role, Shane is managing key functions of the business at both a strategic and operational level. These include day-to-day tactical activities in support of our clients’ diverse project needs, including contract reviews, litigation reviews, audit, data analysis, quality assurance and management and delivery of technology initiatives. Shane’s responsibilities include development and management of standard operating procedures, identification, and development of strategic opportunities by leveraging technology solutions and leadership of operations personnel. He works closely with our client services team to ensure that our clients’ business processing needs are met in the most efficient and accurate manner possible.

Prior to joining Kroll, Shane held various leadership roles at Epiq Systems, where he was involved in a wide range of company activities through his changing roles in data transformation, quality assurance, project management and product management. He was instrumental in the replacement and upgrade of key business platforms, with a strong understanding of how to re-implement business needs and analyze decades of business rules built into systems.

Shane received a B.S. from Northwest Missouri State University with a major in computer science.