Probal is an associate managing director in Kroll’s India and South Asia Business Intelligence and Investigations practice. Probal advises global clients on business intelligence, due diligence, investigations, market entry risks and political risks. He is responsible for case management, network development and business growth in India and South Asia, with a focus on opaque and complex markets.

Prior to joining Kroll, Probal worked with business risk consulting firms in the US and India and also spent a decade serving with the Indian army in high risk, conflict environments. Probal has also written for publications on business and strategic issues in South Asia.

He has worked with a broad range of clients on investigative and due diligence assignments across complex and volatile markets in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. He speaks English, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali and basic Urdu.

Professional Experience

Business Intelligence and Political Risks

  • Advised Indian conglomerates in the steel, mining and power sectors operating in left-wing insurgency affected areas in Central and Eastern India on reputation issues, competitor risks, operational risks, governance matters, corruption and crime issues. Mapped key stakeholders, scenarios and assessed labor issues and future litigation concerns.
  • Led projects for multinational infrastructure firms in high risk, volatile areas of the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir that often involved quick turnarounds helping clients secure project bids or adopt mid course corrections in existing projects. Assessed repetitional concerns, corruption issues, terrorism risks, carried out stakeholder mapping and provided mitigation strategies.
  • Advised firms in the mining and oil and gas sectors and identified local political risks, corporate governance issues, competitor issues and supply chain risks in eastern India states.

Complex Problem Solving and Investigations

  • Conducted investigations in opaque and challenging areas in the garment manufacturing sector in Bangladesh for multinational retailers. Investigated issues of ethical sourcing and subcontracting violations, child labor and structural safety issues. Analyzed internal documents of subject companies, interviewed local employees and third parties, conducted discreet enquiries, assessed market practices and presented evidence to clients.
  • Led an investigation for an international financial institution on an influential Bangladeshi company in the infrastructure sector. Mapped the connections of the subject with the ruling national government and the resultant gains made through preferential advantage in business dealings.
  • Investigated an alleged fraud in one of the infrastructure projects funded by an international financial institution in Bangladesh. This involved investigating allegations of corruption and misrepresentation of documents and information by the management of the company.
  • Led pre-transaction due diligence investigations for a client in the complex gaming and casino sector in Nepal. The engagement involved investigating overlapping issues of integrity concerning potential business partners and associates, analyzing political influences and examining the veracity of assets such as land and property in different areas in Nepal.

Market Entry Risks

  • Conducted a pre-acquisition investigative due diligence for a German client in the power sector in India. Led a discreet investigation to understand if the controversial legacy and contentious political links had any bearing on the conglomerate’s future operations. This helped the client in making a robust analysis that was used in its internal decision-making process.
  • Led a pre-transaction promoter due diligence for an Indian pharmaceutical company on a prominent Indian business family with a diversified business portfolio and controversial political links.
  • Conducted benchmarking assessment, repetitional due diligence on JV partners, identified corruption issues and mapped multiple layers of influencers for a global infrastructure investment firm.
  • Conducted a market entry risk assessment involving assessment of local operational risks for a global e-retail firm.
Education & Certification
  • Columbia University, New York, USA – Master in International Affairs (International Economics and Security Policy)
  • Mumbai University, India – Bachelor in Commerce (Accounting and Commerce)
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