Mark Ehlers



Managing Director and Philadelphia City Leader

Mark Ehlers is a managing director in the Investigations, Diligence and Compliance practice, based in Philadelphia. Additionally, Mark is the Philadelphia City Leader. He manages the full range of firm services, including fraud investigations, police department reviews and investigations, educational and sensitive internal investigations, litigation support, due diligence investigations, and corporate ethics and compliance monitoring.

An expert on sensitive and high-risk internal investigations for corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profits, Mark has more than 35 years of legal, financial and investigative experience in the public and private sectors, working on matters including corporate fraud, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, security and sexual violence on campuses, economic crimes and alleged ethical violations.

Mark has led many of Kroll’s highest-profile investigations, including sensitive sexual misconduct cases, investigations of the use of force by law enforcement (including by campus police), high-risk internal fraud and confidential information leak matters. He has helped clients recover tens of millions of dollars, assisted non-profits to ensure they are complying with the law and internal ethical obligations, and supported educational institutions understand key risk areas. His thorough, independent and evidence-driven approach is valued by clients worldwide.

Before joining Kroll, Mark served for 18 years as Assistant U.S. Attorney, first in the District of Columbia, where he was part of a select group of prosecutors in the homicide and sex offense units, and later in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, where he investigated and prosecuted narcotics trafficking, racketeering (RICO), money laundering, corporate fraud, identity theft, tax violations, and numerous other economic and violent crimes. For eight years, he was part of the Organized Crime Strike Force in Philadelphia, where he oversaw the investigation and prosecution of emerging criminal organizations and violent drug gangs.

Additionally, Mark has conducted and managed independent reviews of public sector clients, including state and local police departments, regulatory agencies and public universities. For the past three years, Mark has led a comprehensive evaluation of the Austin Police Department, examining its Training Academy in how effectively it trains cadets for policing a multi-ethnic, diverse urban population consistent with best practices, and reviewing its internal investigations into alleged police misconduct.

In past years, Mark investigated the University of Cincinnati Police Department following the shooting of an unarmed motorist. He also reviewed admissions practices at the University of Texas at Austin following allegations of undue influence in the admissions process. Mark examined the North Carolina Highway Patrol’s hiring and selection process, ethical training and supervisory training protocols following media reports of trooper misconduct. Kroll’s findings and recommendations in each of these investigations were made public.

Mark has conducted and/or overseen over 75 Title IX-related investigations of alleged sexual harassment, sexual assault, and stalking incidents at public and private universities, liberal arts colleges, and private K-12 schools throughout the eastern and midwestern U.S. He has also conducted policy and procedure reviews and consulted with schools on how they handled sensitive investigations.

Mark’s outstanding work has been recognized by the U.S.Department of Justice, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the FBI and the IRS, and he has received many notable awards.

Mark holds a J.D. with Honors from George Washington University and a B.A. in Economics (magna cum laude) from Wittenberg University.

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