Lisa Snow
Lisa Snow

Lisa Snow

Managing Director, Testifying Expert

Lisa Snow is a managing director in the Chicago office and is a member of the firm’s Expert Services practice. Lisa’s practice is focused on providing both expert witness testimony and financial valuation damages analysis in complex litigation and commercial dispute matters.

Lisa has more than 20 years of experience leading corporate investigations addressing a broad range of accounting and financial inquiries. Lisa serves as an expert in matters in state and federal court as well as in arbitration.

Lisa recently served in US District Court, Northern District of Illinois as Receiver of K.I.P., LLC and previously for Central Coast Nutraceuticals. Her industry experience includes financial services, professional services, healthcare, insurance, workers’ compensation, telecommunications services and equipment, and consumer goods. She performs work involving damages analysis, lost profits, business valuation, forensic accounting analysis, class certification, data analysis, industry and market analysis, revenue and cost analysis and purchase price adjustments.

Lisa holds a B.S. degree from the University of Vermont as well as a M.B.A. from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, with concentrations in finance and business strategy.

Representative Engagements 

Valuation Disputes

  • Performed expert valuation analysis of a private equity firm over the span of several funds exceeding several billion dollars of invested capital and across dozens of portfolio companies to determine carried interest values.
  • Hired as testifying expert in a defamation matter involving a technology company regarding alleged lost business value and lost profits.
  • Hired as testifying valuation expert on a breach of contract matter relating to allegations of lost business value.
  • Hired as testifying expert in a complex divorce matter involving the valuation of a large, privately held specialty printing company.
  • Performed expert valuation analysis relating to allegations of improper distribution of funds on a matter involving a newly established employee stock option plan.
    Financial Services Industry Disputes
  • Performed expert analysis for a major publicly traded financial services corporation on an event study to determine alleged lost value of a previously publicly traded entity acquired by the corporation.
  • Hired as testifying expert by an SRO in a matter relating to alleged misappropriation of funds from segregated customer accounts.
  • Performed expert analysis of student loan trusts to determine alleged improper costs attributed to the trusts.
  • Hired as testifying expert in a breach of fiduciary duty matter relating to alleged misappropriation of banking customer funds by a trustee.
  • Hired as accounting expert by a major bank into alleged improper mortgage lending practices for hundreds of thousands of mortgages.
  • Served as accounting expert in a whistleblower matter on behalf of the board of directors of a regional bank involved in a regulatory investigation regarding alleged improper mortgage lending practices.

Insurance Industry Disputes

  • Hired as testifying damages expert in a major workers’ compensation reinsurance matter resulting from an insurer’s failure to properly contribute to the pool over the course of dozens of years.
  • Hired as testifying damages expert in a breach of contract dispute between an issuer of professional liability insurance and state medical association regarding alleged licensing fees owed.
  • Provided expert analysis of alleged diminution in value of automobiles allegedly serviced under automotive insurance policies.
    Forensic Accounting Investigations
  • Performed expert analysis into alleged misappropriation of over $5 billion of corporate funds by corporation management.
  • Served as accounting expert for a major food corporation in a whistleblower matter involving alleged misappropriation of corporate funds by a former company executive. 
  • Served as accounting expert relating to allegations of improper use of funds by elected officials and political appointees of a government entity.
  • Served as accounting expert to the board of governors of a major not-for-profit entity regarding allegations of improper use of funds by organization leadership. 
  • Served as accounting expert for an agricultural investment firm under regulatory investigation and regarding alleged improper accounting and misappropriation of funds.
  • Served as accounting expert in the review by a non-operating partner into questions regarding revenue accounting by the operating partner in a joint venture.

Class Action Disputes

  • Hired as class certification and damages expert for a nutraceutical company in a consumer class action alleging pyramid scheme issues.
  • Hired as class certification and data expert on behalf of a home security company in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) matter.
  • Hired as class certification and damages expert on behalf of a telecommunications company regarding alleged overcharges for certain types of long distance telephone calls.
  • Hired as independent expert to calculate damages and related value of the settlement in a matter involving alleged faulty residential air conditioning systems.
  • Hired as class certification and data expert in a TCPA matter on behalf of several personal loan companies.
  • Hired as class certification and data expert in a TCPA matter on behalf of a gaming industry defendant.  

Post-Acquisition Disputes

  • Provided expert analysis for a claim for specific performance by a start-up wireless local loop service provider in Eastern Europe that was to be purchased by an incumbent carrier seeking diversification.  
  • Provided expert analysis through trial for tool manufacturing company with regard to alleged breach of contract at time of purchase of company. 
  • Provided expert analysis on behalf of a major pharmaceutical company in a post-acquisition dispute involving issues production and sales and marketing cost assessment, analysis of the antibiotic market, analysis of generic plaintiff's markets, and discounted cash flow analysis.
  • Provided expert analysis with regard to purchase price adjustment claims relating to receivables, inventory, insurance, bad debt, intangibles, and pension issues by a plaintiff that acquired client's subsidiary. 
  • Provided expert analysis with regard to a post-acquisition dispute regarding the alleged breach of contract with regard to certain terms including non-compete clauses, supply agreement requirements, and intellectual property transfers. 

Healthcare Industry Disputes

  • Hired as testifying expert in an arbitration matter between a regional hospital system and a hospital system software provider regarding alleged damage to the software business due to early termination a contract.
  • Provided expert analysis to a physician's practice in defense of a suit alleging wrongful termination of an employee and performed alleged damages analysis to the physician and the practice.
  • Hired as accounting expert for a major regional hospital in a dispute with state tax authorities alleging insufficient charity care by the hospital.
  • Hired as testifying expert by a governmental entity in a defamation matter.
  • Provided expert analysis to a hospital system regarding alleged financial damages resulting from alleged breach of contract between the hospital system and an ambulatory care practice.
  • Hired as a consulting expert for breach of licensing contract for performance measurement software to an operator of suburban hospitals regarding alleged failure to deliver contract specified software.
  • Hired as accounting expert by a regional hospital system to assist in a regulatory investigation into potential implications relating to a proposed merger. 

Trade Secrets Disputes 

  • Hired as testifying damages expert in a matter between two professional service organizations regarding alleged misappropriation of trade secrets by executives that moved from one company to the other. 
  • Provided damages expert analysis for trade secret litigation involving two consumer product brand manufacturers.
  • Receivership/Trustee Matters
  • Served as Receiver in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois in the K.I.P. LLC matter.
  • Served as Receiver in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois in the Central Coast Nutraceutical matter.
  • Served as accounting and restructuring consultant to the Trustee of the Burr Oak Cemetery trust.
  • Served as accounting consultant to a large creditor in a Receivership involving a stock transfer agent.
  • Served as damages and claim administration consultant on behalf of the Trustee for Forty-Eight Insulations, Inc. a company in bankruptcy as a result of asbestos claims. 
  • Telecommunications Industry Disputes
  • Retained as expert to evaluate a claim against a competitive local exchange carrier by a grocery delivery business customer alleging that poor quality telephone service caused by the carrier resulted in lost grocery delivery sales and customer goodwill.
  • Provided expert analysis for an Australian telecommunications carrier, assisted in a dispute with a local and long distance services reseller regarding alleged lost profits. 
  • Hired as testifying expert to a major US telecommunications carrier in a dispute relating to international termination and transmission rates.
  • Hired as testifying expert representing a local exchange carrier against a competitive local exchange customer regarding alleged damages and business valuation issues. 
  • Over the period of several years, led multiple simultaneous engagements for a major US telecommunications carrier on a number of reseller disputes. Work included discounted cash flow modeling, customer acquisition and attrition histories, and tariff pricing models.

Legal Business Consulting 

  • Assisted a Fortune 100 Retail Company with Board of Directors presentations as well as an analysis of potential law department reorganization.
  • Assisted the United States Mint with analysis and research regarding retailer issues in preparation for the issuance of the New One Dollar Coin, Year 2000.

Expert Testimony

  • In Re Marriage of Chen, Case Number FAM0128114, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of San Mateo, Disclosure, Deposition and Trial: 2017.
  • Vehicle Administrative Services, Ltd., Saferide Motor Club, Inc. v. Michael J. Reth, AXIOM Product Administration, LLC, and MJR Consulting, LLC, Cause No. DC-13-01780, District Court of Dallas County, Texas, 44th Judicial District, Report: 2017
  • Minnesota Medical Association v. MMIC Group, Inc. MMIC Insurance, Inc. MMIC Health IT, Inc., and MMIC Agency, Inc., Court File no.: 27-CV-16-4271, State of Minnesota, County of Hennepin, District Court, Report 2016.
  • Iowa Medical Society vs. Constellation, Inc., formerly known as MMIC Group, Inc. Case No. 4:16-cv-261, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa, Central Division, Report: 2016.
  • Yelena Levitin and Chicago Surgical Clinic, v. Northwest Community Hospital, Advanced Surgical Associates, Alan B. Loren, William D. Soper, and Daniel R. Conway, Defendants, Case No. 13 C 5553, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, and Report: 2015.
  • Mercy Health, et al. v. Carelogistics, LLC, American Arbitration Association, Hearing: 2015; Report: 2015; Deposition: 2015.
  • Flemming Kristensen v. Credit Payment Services Inc., et al., Case No. 2:12-CV-00528-APG-PAL, U.S. District Court District of Nevada, Deposition: 2014; Report: 2014.
  • Matthew Benzion, individually and on behalf of others similarly situated, v. Vivint, Inc., United States District Court, for the Southern District of Florida, Fort Lauderdale Division, Declaration: 2013.
  • Crawford Supply Group, Inc., et al. v. Harris, N.A., Case. No. 09 L 4403, Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois County Department, Law Division, Report: 2013.
  • IN RE: Trust u/a/ Dorothy H. Rautbord; JP Morgan Chase Bank, as Trustee v. Daniel G. Siegel, et al., Circuit Court of the 15th Judicial Circuit and for Palm Beach County, Florida, Trial: 2013; Deposition: 2013; Report: 2013.
  • Sandy Judd, Tarra Herivel and Columbia Legal Services, for themselves, and on behalf of all similarly situated persons v. American Telephone and Telegraph Company and T- Netix, Inc., Superior Court of Washington for King County, Deposition: 2012; Report: 2012; Declarations: 2012.
  • Federal Trade Commission v. Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc., a California Corporation,, U.S. Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, Receiver Reports, Related Filings, Hearings: 2010 through 2012.
  • Safeco Insurance Company of America, et al., v. American International Group, Inc., et al. Case No. 07 CV 2898 and 09 CV 2026., U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, Declarations: 2011.
  • Preferred Personal Services, Inc. v. Meltzer Purtill & Stelle, LLC et al., Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, County Department, Law Division, Deposition: 2011; Reports: 2011 and 2013.
  • E360 Insight, LLC v. The Spamhaus Project, Case No. 06 cv 3958 U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, Trial: 2010, Deposition: 2009; Report: 2009.
  • Excel Imaging Management, LLC v. Healtheast, Court File No. 62-cv-08-268, State of Minnesota, District Court, County of Ramsey, Second Judicial District, Report: 2009.
  • Picketfence Inc. d/b/a Sandbox Studio v. R.R. Donnelly & Sons Company, Case No. C-07-1551-JL, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, San Francisco Division, Report: 2009.
  • Adventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc. v. Psychiatric Solutions, Inc., Case No. 6:08-cv-877, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida, Report: 2008
  • Navigant Consulting Inc. v. William Keevan, James Check and David Hess, AAA Arbitration, Hearing: 2008; Deposition: 2008; Report: 2008.
  • Worldcom, Inc. v. Abbott, Case No. 02-13533 (AJG), U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York, Deposition: 2007; Report: 2006.
  • Waypoint Telecommunications, LLC v. City Net Holdings, LLC, Case No. 5:05-CV-0030, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, Report: 2005.
  • Volo Communications, Inc. v. MCI WorldCom Network Services, Inc. d/b/a UUNet v.Volo Communications, Inc. v. Caerus, Inc., Court for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Seminole County, Florida, Report: 2004.
  • Paul-Michael Sweeney, as Chapter 11 Trustee for Information Communications, Inc. v. MCI WorldCom Network Services, Inc. et al., JAMS/ENDISPUTE, Report: 2004.
  • Qwest Corporation v. AT&T Corp. and AT&T Communications, Inc., Case No. 03-F-2084 (CBS), U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado, Report: 2004.
  • The Department of Revenue v. Provena Covenant Medical Center, Docket 04-PT-0014, State of Illinois, Department of Revenue Hearings Division, Trial: 2005; Report: 2004.
  • AT& T Corp. v. JMC Telecom, Case No. 99-cv-02578, U.S. District Court for New Jersey, Deposition: 2004; Report: 2003.
  • FOH Holdings, Inc., et al. v. Arthur Andersen LLP, Case No. BC265375, Deposition: 2002.
  • Wholesale Airtime v. Teleport Communications Group, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Deposition; 2000, Report: 2000.
  • Pink Dot v. Teleport Communications Group, et al. Case No. SC052090, Los Angeles County Superior Court. Deposition: 1999; Report: 1999.

  • Masters of Business Administration, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 1995
  • Master of Architecture, Washington University, St. Louis, 1989
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Vermont, 1985


Professional Affiliations

  • Chicago Bar Foundation, Board of Directors, Assistant Tresurer
  • Women Employed, Board of Directors, Treasurer
  • Catherine Cook School, Board of Trustees
  • Metropolitan Planning Council, Member, Board of Governors (previously Treasurer)
  • Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF), Co-Founder
  • International Women’s Forum of Chicago, Member
  • The Economic Club of Chicago, Member and Nominating Committee Member
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Associate Member
  • American Bar Association, Associate Member
  • Chicago Bar Association, Associate Member

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