Kevin Wong is a senior vice president in the Cyber Risk practice of Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps, based in Dubai. He leads the Middle East region for the firm. A cyber investigations leader within law enforcement prior to joining Kroll, Kevin has significant investigative expertise in cybercrime and fraud. 

Kevin joined the London Metropolitan Police in 2004 and worked as a detective within the Criminal Investigation Division on serious acquisitive crime, sexual offenses, fraud, and kidnap, firearms and drug related offenses. He was commended for a proactive drugs operation which involved the arrest and prosecution of 20 members of an organized criminal group. Kevin received a crown court judge’s commendation for bringing this international organized criminal group to justice. In 2011, Kevin joined the Police Central E-crime Unit, providing an international response to cybercrime threatening the UK. In 2013, with the remit of cybercrime being taken over by the National Crime Agency, Kevin led investigations for the National Cyber Crime Unit. 

Professional Experience
  • Led the investigation of numerous data breach incidents: Ransomware attacks, PCI PFI of a “Magecart” style attack, O365 email compromises, CEO spear phishing and man-in-the-middle email frauds in the technology, shipping, insurance and manufacturing industries
  • Led the forensic acquisition and management of all data on an eDiscovery platform from a European private bank being investigated for money laundering
  • Managed numerous insider threat and theft of intellectual property cases
  • Provided expert witness evidence in UK criminal crown courts
  • Conducted an audit of a UK high street bank’s Group Investigations Unit 
  • Coordinated a Eurojust Joint Investigation Team’s probe into an international organized criminal group committing cyber fraud and hacktivism working alongside Europol, Slovenian, Romanian and Finnish law enforcement agencies
  • Investigated a UK bank’s high-value international cyber fraud that involved phishing and malware; the investigation resulted in convictions for money laundering and Computer Misuse Act offenses for eight suspects and sentences of over 50 years in custody, preventing £39 million in harm to the UK
  • Provided strategic advice and investigational expertise to a West African country on corruption, fraud, money laundering and cyber security

  • Master’s in cybercrime and digital forensics, University College of Dublin
  • Bachelor’s in molecular biology, Queen Mary University  of London
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • ISO27001 Lead Auditor
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