Josh Hochstettler

Josh Hochstettler is a senior director in the Data Insights and Forensics practice, based in Oregon.

Josh leverages more than 10 years of sales and account management experience in assisting corporate legal departments, general counsel, law firms and corporations with software and technology initiatives. In his role at Kroll, he will continue to focus on business development and technology partner relationships.

Prior to joining Kroll, Josh served as senior field account executive at Vertafore solving compliance issues for insurance carriers with technology solutions. Before that, he was a director at Morae reselling iManage document management software to law firms and corporate legal departments. Prior to that, he was a senior account executive for Mitratech selling matter management, eBilling and workflow software to corporate legal departments, producing documented ROI of millions of dollars.

His notable clients include most of the large tech companies on the West Coast, as well as energy and transportation companies.

Josh holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Wheaton College.

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