Jonny Harman

Jonny Harman is a director in the Investigations, Diligence and Compliance practice, and co-lead of the sports practice, based in London. He is also an anti-illicit trade investigations specialist and has extensive experience in other post event investigations such as tracing individuals, digital footprint exercises, cross-border asset searches, white-collar crime and large-scale corruptions/fraud investigations.

Disrupting and Deterring Illicit Trade of HFCs The challenge

Before joining Kroll, Jonny was a scientist studying climate change at the Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia, where his studies focused on dendroclimatology (climate data from tree rings). After completing his MSc, he worked in an NGO, developing and coordinating several projects to help conserve and protect endangered species.

Jonny has been involved in Kroll’s sports practice since he joined in 2015. He has helped solve cases across the spectrum, including but not limited to large-scale corruption investigations, fraud, asset searches and the more bespoke situations such as digital footprint and sport abuse disruption activities. Jonny is also a strategic manager on Kroll’s Asset Tracing and Recovery team and leads our tracing offering, using a number of new innovative techniques, developed by him, for identifying assets and tracing individuals. His ability to create unique methods have also been applied to social media analysis, whereby Kroll is able to monitor, disrupt and deter perpetrators of online abuse.

In 2021, Jonny took on a global role on the Technology and Innovation team, playing a key part in Kroll’s technology advancement, and ensuring that Kroll’s investigative methods continue to be market leading.

For the last three years Jonny has co-managed a large-scale illicit trade disruption and deterrence program for an industry group of clients. In this area, he has once again applied new tools and technology to help identify and disrupt this illicit trade resulting in actionable evidence packs being provided to law enforcement, resulting in numerous successful seizures across the EU.

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