John Slavek is a managing director in Kroll's Philadelphia office. Since joining Kroll in 1998, John has assisted clients confront a wide range of finance and accounting issues, including corporate fraud, embezzlement, business income losses, bankruptcy, contractual disputes and internal control evaluation. He also has extensive experience working on due diligence projects, investigating financial statement manipulation, and quantifying potential lost profits.

John’s responsibilities include project planning, active file involvement, and preparation of financial damage calculations, assisting with interrogatories and depositions, and testifying as an expert witness. John has testified on numerous issues involving fraudulent financial reporting, improper accounting, lost profits, and violations of a non-compete agreement, and internal control weakness related to embezzlement at venues in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Maryland.

Prior to joining Kroll, John spent four years at a Big Four accounting firm as both a forensic financial investigator and an auditor. As an auditor, John’s engagements included various financial institutions, healthcare entities, manufacturers, retailers and distributors. Additionally, John has more than 25 years of combined experience in client services, including serving as the Manager of Financial Reporting and Analysis for a property and casualty insurance company.

Professional Experience
  • Investigated what was, at the time, the largest not-for-profit bankruptcy in US history. The matter involved fraudulent financial reporting through improper revenue recognition, purchase accounting and reserve transfers. The case was further complicated by the need to manage over 1,400 boxes of documents and assist with over 200 scheduled depositions.
  • FCPA and corruption investigations in Malaysia, India, Thailand, and Brazil on behalf of U.S. public companies concerned with potential financial indiscretions in these countries, primarily for self-reporting purposes.
  • Analyzed numerous matters related to alleged improprieties by investment brokers on behalf of both investors and brokers. Claims included allegations of excessive trading or churning, lack of diversification and the suitability of investment vehicles for particular investors.
  • Investigated employee malfeasance, including collusion with vendors, kickbacks, and expense account fraud at a healthcare organization. The investigation ultimately led to the termination of ten employees.
  • Calculated lost profits in disputes in areas such as market research, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and retail, restaurants and hospitality, healthcare and high-tech related to business interruptions, breaches of contract and violations of non-compete agreements.
  • Quantified costs and related overruns in a number of construction delay claims.
  • Calculated the lost profits for a class of franchisees where the franchiser allegedly diverted advertising funds for its own use, contributing to what was at the time, the largest judgment ever in US franchise litigation.
  • Coordinated an investigation with the US Justice Department and 16 hospitals in the Eastern District involved in an alleged scheme perpetrated by billing consultants to illegally increase the hospitals' revenues.
  • Calculated financial damages in disputes between songwriters and a rap music performer over the alleged unauthorized use of a song and between a songwriter/producer and a state fund over an alleged breach of contract.
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