Jason Stavrenos

Jason Stavrenos is a director in the Data Insights and Forensics practice, based in Morristown.

Jason leverages over 11 years of experience in information systems integration, specializing in content management. During this time, Jason has collaborated with several clients, including some of the highest grossing global law firms and corporate legal groups for multiple Fortune 100 companies.

Prior to joining Kroll, Jason was a director for Morae Global. He has also served as U.S. Head of Professional Services for Phoenix Business Solutions. In these roles, he managed client relationships, led design efforts and oversaw the technical execution of dozens of major document management projects.

Jason has significant experience converting dozens of law firms and corporate groups from legacy on-prem solutions to a modern cloud-based platform. Some of his corporate engagements include leading the design and implementation of a cloud-based document and email management platform for a global Fortune 50 law department in the food and beverage industry. He has also overseen change management efforts to improve the adoption of new content management systems for a top financial institution's legal team.

Jason’s other notable engagements include personally conducting the migration of over 200 million pieces of content to document management solutions and overseeing the migration of many millions more. He has also led the redesign and restructuring efforts for an Am Law 200 firm to convert it to a modern, matter-centric design. Further, Jason was in charge of the design and technical efforts for the global consolidation of 40+ content libraries for an Am Law 200 firm.

Jason holds a B.S. in information technology from Georgia Southern University. He holds several certifications in document management and supporting solutions, including: Onit, KOFAX, RAVN, iManage ICSE and iManage Records Manager. Additionally, he holds general technical certifications, including MS SQL.

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Data Insights and Forensics

Data Insights and Forensics

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