Hassan el Asraoui
Hassan el Asraoui

Hassan El Asraoui

Managing Director

Hassan El Asraoui is a managing director with over 25 years of management and technology consulting experience, providing strategic consulting, process improvement, and technology-related solutions to Fortune 500 clients across all industry sectors.

Hassan has substantial management and technical expertise spanning multiple disciplines, including strategy, process improvement, operations, cost management, design, development and implementation of systems. His areas of expertise extend to outside counsel management, intellectual property lifecycle, contract lifecycle management, information governance, corporate entity management and overall legal department operations, strategy and technology selection/implementations.

Prior to joining Kroll, Hassan was the founder and CEO of Tregin Solutions, a strategy and management consulting company focusing on corporate legal organizations. Earlier in his career, Hassan worked at Huron Consulting Group, AT&T, Pricewaterhouse, Arthur Andersen and TechLaw Automation Partners as a leader for legal operations, strategy, process improvement and technology implementation.

Hassan earned a Master of Science in Telecommunications, a Master of Science in Software Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

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