Elizabeth Ross is an Associate Managing Director



Associate Managing Director

Elizabeth Ross is an associate managing director in Kroll's Investigations, Diligence and Compliance practice, based in the London office. As a senior practitioner on the Business Intelligence team, Elizabeth provides consulting advice to private equity, professional services, and corporate clients in EMEA; their commercial interests stretch across a range of sectors and geographies. Prior to joining Kroll, Elizabeth served as an Equity Research Analyst at Morgan Stanley, with a focus on Central and Eastern European banks.

Professional Experience

  • Conducted numerous pre-transaction due diligence assignments on behalf of investors considering partnerships or acquisitions, often in emerging markets. Assessed the stability of the regulatory environment and target companies’ track records with regard to adherence to local laws, the political exposure of the partner and any potential UK Bribery Act/U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) liability, origin of shareholders’ capital; and the risk of undeclared third-party involvement, among other issues.
  • Conducted stand-alone market-entry projects for clients examining the risks of entering new jurisdictions, particularly in “frontier markets,” where access to information is low and the risks potentially high.
  • Designed screening programs for UK-based corporations reviewing internal risk management procedures surrounding customers, suppliers, and other third parties.
  • Identified potential FCPA/UK Bribery Act violations in the European subsidiary of a U.S.-based energy company, which led to providing investigative support during the disclosure process to the Department of Justice (DOJ).
  • Led two separate long-running investigations on behalf of U.S.-based investors in shareholder disputes with local partners over control of local assets in Hungary-based subsidiaries. The cases required developing sensitive source intelligence regarding the aims and intentions of the opposing parties, their strategy with respect to engaging with the courts and government officials, and their ability to exert influence through internal parties to advance their objectives.
  • Conducted numerous asset searches in mainland Europe and emerging market countries on behalf of clients considering litigation or seeking to enforce existing judgments. Identified real estate assets, shareholdings, and other sources of funds of interest to clients through detailed public records analysis of the subjects and related parties, computer forensic tools, and in-depth source inquiries.
  • Investigated the conduct of employees in an Eastern European subsidiary of a French insurance company who were working alongside former directors to obtain customer data on current clients in an effort to subvert the client’s business.
  • Evaluated the likelihood that legislation to curb or eliminate online gaming may be passed, when this was likely to occur, and what form the laws may take. Following the passage of such legislation, Elizabeth helped clients examine the operating environment leading up to the arrest of key individuals; where the next cases were likely to originate, and against which gaming companies; which prosecutors were primarily interested in pursuing the matter; and to what extent immediately ending their activities in the United States would protect them from action/assist in settlements with the DoJ.
  • While serving as an Equity Research Analyst for Morgan Stanley, Elizabeth was responsible for research report writing on company-specific and sector topics, financial modelling, and marketing research to U.S. and European institutional clients.

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