Dave Kothari



Managing Director, Global Business Solutions

Dave Kothari is a Managing Director, based in New York. Dave leads the firm’s Global Business Solutions (GBS) group, which provides client and operational support services to the firm’s subsidiaries across the globe. In addition, Dave manages all integration activities for Kroll globally and has spearheaded integration for over 35 acquisitions made by the firm.

In a career spanning over two decades, Dave has built his expertise through spearheading technology and operations for companies, enabling profitable business expansion, improved performance and exponential growth. He has been with the firm for over 15 years, and he has led multiple technology initiatives.

Kroll’s GBS group is based in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vietnam and Mexico City, delivering cutting-edge solutions across the firm’s market-facing service areas, including valuation, corporate finance, investigations and cybersecurity. GBS also houses teams focused on enablement services such as technology, cybersecurity, marketing, human resources, finance and accounting. The group’s focus is to launch new services and technologies to keep pace with business growth and profitability.