Charles Parekh is a director at Duff & Phelps.
Charles Parekh is a director at Duff & Phelps.

Charles Parekh

Managing Director, Testifying Expert

Charles Parekh is a managing director at Kroll and is part of the Expert Services practice, specializing in the application of economic and statistical analysis to damages, finance, and public policy issues. He has over fifteen years of experience in dispute consulting and litigation support across the securities, public sector, and educational industries.

Charlie has led dozens of matters involving the use of statistical and economic modeling in order to calculate damages and losses. He led the statistical modeling team in the use of sampling to estimate repurchase liabilities in multiple mortgage-backed securities litigations and bankruptcies. In addition, his statistical experience includes the sampling of transactions to detect price fixing, the use of sampling and regression techniques in internal investigations, and the use of surveys and regressions in order to value intellectual property.

He has an extensive background in economic and policy analysis including an assessment of the economic efficiency of electronic waste recycling, an analysis of damages from cigarette smoking, an examination of school efficiency and test score performance in New York City Public Schools, a study of school organization and educational outcomes, an evaluation of EPA clean air regulations, and an assessment of U.S. Postal Service pricing strategies.

He provided expert testimony on the statistical need to randomly test students for drugs and alcohol. He also served on the team that investigated a whistle-blower complaint alleging the University of Illinois College of Law inflated admissions data, including LSATs and GPAs of incoming classes.

Prior to joining Kroll in 2011, he worked as an economist and consultant for RCF Economic & Financial Consulting, Compass Lexecon, and Navigant Economics. In addition, he served as a Lecturer in Public Administration at New York University.

Charlie holds a Ph.D. in Public Finance from New York University. In addition, he has an M.P.P. in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Chicago, and a B.A. in Economics from Colgate University.

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