Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson

Associate Managing Director, EMEA and APAC

Bob Thompson is an associate managing director in the Security Risk Management practice, based in London.

Bob leverages more than 17 years of experience advising clients on all aspects of security risk management from threat assessments, security reviews, security risk assessments, enterprise risk management, business resilience (business continuity and crisis management), evacuation planning/execution, project security to corporate security structuring and change management. He has extensive global experience gained from managing several strategic projects.

Prior to joining Kroll, Bob gained experience in Africa and the Middle East, having lived, worked and delivered projects in Nigeria and across Africa, as well as in Iraq, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Jordan. In Nigeria, Bob delivered strategic corporate security support across the telecommunications, oil services and offshore exploration sectors. Additionally, he served as the country manager/director for a security risk management company based in Nigeria, with extensive in-country projects. Bob delivered all aspects of compliance, quality assurance and strategic crisis management support during this period.

Bob’s oil and gas sector experience extends to providing crisis response support, asset risk assessments, physical security advice and community engagement support. He further provided security risk management support and oversight to major gas critical infrastructure projects in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Benin. Furthermore, Bob was part of a UK-based strategic project contracting team, delivering engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts to critical field projects for reconstruction and rejuvenation of assets for a UK international oil company (IOC) operating in Southern Iraq.

Bob has supported major mining projects across West Africa in the gold and iron ore sectors, and he has delivered strategic project security management for a multinational mining company establishing operations in the region. The support included political, integrity, security and environmental, social and governance (ESG) consulting. This combined approach significantly reduced thefts, decreased social and community disturbances, improved productivity and ultimately delivered cost savings. Bob has also delivered market entry project security ESG support to corporates, including renewable energy projects on the Jordan/Iraq border and in Chad. 

Bob has widespread practical knowledge and experience of delivering “resilience” consulting to corporate C-suites and their subordinate business units. This has been either in the training and development arena aimed at building corporate knowledge and confidence, or in direct support of specific crisis threats. 

Bob’s notable experience includes

  • Delivering business continuity consulting and evacuation crisis management training to international universities in Abu Dhabi and Qatar
  • Delivering business continuity and crisis management training to an Asia-based multilateral development bank
  • Delivering crisis response and business continuity planning for a global furniture manufacturer with operations in Asia, the Middle East and Africa

Additionally, Bob has delivered live on-the-ground evacuation crisis management and incident management services in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya during the Arab Spring—resulting in the safe repatriation of over 1,100 employees working for 30 companies. He has also assisted clients with these services in Ukraine during Russia’s war on Ukraine. Before moving into corporate security, Bob spent 10 operationally focused years in the UK Armed Forces. 

Bob holds an M.Sc. in business and land management from the Royal Agricultural University of Cirencester. He also holds a Security Industry Authority (SIA) license (non-frontline). He is a member of both American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) and the UK Security Institute. 

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