Andy Ward

Andrew Ward is a managing director in the Cyber Risk practice, based in the London office. He has over 17 years of experience in litigation support and digital forensics, having helped numerous clients with information governance, compliance, privacy and risk challenges across North America and Europe.

Andy has worked at law firms and software companies and has a strong understanding of the changing technology landscape in analytics, cloud computing, big data and legal.

Prior to joining Kroll, Andy was Head of eDiscovery EMEA at Nuix, UK. He has spent 10 years at Nuix in different roles in Europe and U.S. During this time, Andy has been directly involved in some of the largest growth accounts, building relationships with several new clients across the banking, financial, government, advisory, pharmaceutical, retail, insurance, manufacturing and automotive sectors. He has also been rigorously involved in maintaining and growing relationships with Nuix’s largest channel partners, including the Big Four and other services-oriented companies. In 2019, Andy contributed to internal change management campaigns in preparation for the Nuix IPO. Joining the company in its startup phase, he had used his expertise for performing diligence in vetting Nuix’s largest technology acquisition, Ringtail, in 2018. He was also the creator and face of the Nuix EMEA User Group, personally hosting events with over 500 Nuix customers in attendance.

During his early career, Andy was a consultant for a major law firm offering litigation support. He specialized in pre-collection consulting (identification, preservation), which later prepared him for consulting on GDPR and other information governance and compliance use cases. In his role at the law firm, Andy also built experience working across the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), including data processing, consulting and review management.

Andy holds an MBA from Capital University, majoring in international business, branding and finance. He also holds a B.S. in computer information systems from DeVry University.

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