The Green Rush to Renewable Energy – The Perfect Climate for Corruption Webcast Replay

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Kroll recently hosted a webcast exploring developments in the ‘green rush’ to renewable energy. With unprecedented amounts of capital flooding the sector, our experts detailed how can businesses take advantage of new opportunities while identifying and managing reputational risks. Additionally, they discussed a variety of scenarios and shared their experiences to shed light on key considerations when entering the renewables market, whether via direct investment or by working with previously unknown operators and partners globally. The contributors provided an overview of the risk lifecycle of renewables projects and answered questions to help you prepare for and manage bribery and corruption risks presented by third parties.

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Duration: 1 Hour

Guest Speaker

Amro Ahmed – Head of Risk, Yellow Door Energy

Amro oversees Yellow Door Energy’s risk assessment processes across all markets which includes designing and managing investment, liquidity and counterparty risk analysis, assessing risks of potential solar and energy efficiency investments and monitoring risks of operating assets.

Key Takeaways

  • Identifying risks and benchmarking local players in the market
  • Reviewing supply chains and key third-party relationships
  • Identifying issues relating to red flags, sustainability, human rights and ethical risks


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