Fri, Feb 25, 2022

Q4 2021 Threat Landscape Virtual Briefing: Software Exploits Abound

Cyber vulnerabilities are being exploited at breakneck speed, with Kroll identifying a 356% growth in the number of incidents where zero-days or freshly-announced vulnerabilities were the initial infection vector, compared to Q3 2021. Adding stress to blue teams trying to manage patches and updates, remnants from attacks against Microsoft Exchange Servers from earlier in 2021 continue to be exploited even after servers have been fully patched.
Watch cyber threat intelligence leaders from Kroll (Keith Wojcieszek, Laurie Iacono, and George Glass) explore key insights and trends from over 3,200 cyber incidents handled worldwide in 2021. 

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Q4 2021 Threat Landscape Briefing: Software Exploits Abound

This webcast covers: 

  • The most prominent attack methods of 2021 and how they have shifted in recent months
  • Which vulnerabilities are most popular with ransomware actors, including exploitation of the Log4Shell vulnerability
  • The latest extortion tactics used by threat actors to put pressure on organizations to pay ransom demands
  • How adversaries are leveraging Exchange vulnerabilities (tied to ProxyLogon and ProxyShell) to conduct new attacks, even after servers have been fully patched

You can also read the Q4 2021 Threat Landscape Report.

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