Webinar: Cyber Due Diligence: Pre-Transaction Assessments Can Uncover Costly Risks

How can you ensure that an investment target isn’t one keystroke away from a major cyber incident or data breach? How can you be sure that an attacker isn’t already lurking in their network? CYBER DUE DILIGENCE conducted prior to investment can identify actual or potential cyber security lapses, areas that may be at risk, quantify remediation costs and help restructure an investment should substandard cyber security systems data or latent breaches be discovered.

Join us for this online event and hear Kroll’s Tim Ryan describe how Kroll cyber experts can help uncover the cyber vulnerabilities you may be buying unwittingly, know if you are buying a company with an undisclosed data breach, and reveal breach-breeding weaknesses in the target company’s culture.

Duration: 60 minutes

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