Mon, Feb 6, 2017

Current Investment Trends in Nigeria

Although 2016 was a challenging year for Nigeria – low oil prices, subdued economic growth, acute currency pressures, and policy direction often being uncertain – the outlook in the medium term for this large and dynamic market remains highly favorable.

In this short video, Kroll’s Mark Simmonds and Alexander Booth speak with Bolaji Balogun, CEO, Chapel Hill Denham about current trends in the Nigerian market, including:

  • Investment trends

  • Where is the most lively M&A activity taking place?

  • How is the foreign exchange situation affecting the economy?

As well as being Africa’s largest oil producer, Nigeria is an agricultural and soft commodities powerhouse, and has substantial under-exploited mineral reserves, with real potential to scale up output. Coupled with its important and diverse services sector, growing consumer markets, and vibrant and entrepreneurial business community, the country continues to attract a wide range of international and regional investors.

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