Mon, Nov 9, 2020

International Cost of Capital – Understanding and Quantifying Country Risk

The ASA International Virtual Conference was held on October 12-13, 2020. Duff & Phelps’ experts Carla Nunes, Managing Director in the Valuation Advisory Services practice and Global Head of the Valuation Digital Solutions group, and James P. Harrington, Director in the Digital Valuation Solutions practice, hosted a webinar titled, International Cost of Capital: Understanding and Quantifying Country Risk. The discussion focused on cross-border valuations and how to properly account for country risk in a discounted cash flow valuation. 

Watch the replay to learn more about country risk-related topics and the implications of cost of capital globally.

Duration: 50 minutes


  • A framework for cross-border valuations 
  • Common approaches for incorporating country risk in valuation
  • International cost of equity models and selection criteria 
  • Practical application through a case study
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