Monitoring Credit Card BINs on the Dark Web to Minimize Fraud Costs

Client: Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

Client Problem

As part of its continuous dark web monitoring services, CyberDetectER® BINWatch identified a post on a forum located on the Tor network containing over 1,500 credit card numbers, along with all the information needed to compromise the cards and use them for fraudulent purposes. The forum where this data was detected is known for harboring sensitive data and attracting users who may use it for malicious purposes. Approximately 250 of these cards were issued to consumers by one of Kroll’s clients in the financial services industry.


How Kroll Resolved The Problem

Because this client was protected by CyberDetectER® BINWatch, the disclosure of this sensitive customer data was quickly reported to our client as a threat. Kroll was able to identify the source (forum names and usernames of the users who appeared to post the data), which was included in the incident report.



The client was able to quickly identify its affected customers and take action on the issued credit cards, thus minimizing the possibility of fraudulent transactions on these cards. This in turn helped bolster customer satisfaction and preserve the relationship, producing a competitive edge in a crowded sector of credit card providers.

The client was also able to manage its ongoing risk by being aware of these forums and potentially nefarious actors on the deep web and file sharing networks.

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