Sun, Jan 1, 2012

Focus on Corruption

Companies still fall short when it comes to effective third-party due diligence; in this e-book, experts offer tips on how to mitigate third-party risks and thwart compliance breaches.

Inside This Publication:

  • Kroll: Investing in the BRICs: Extra Due Diligence Is Vital
  • Not All Third Party Risks Are Created Equally
  • The Struggle to Tame Third-Party Corruption Risk
  • Justice Department Ends DPA Early, Citing Robust Compliance
  • Kroll: Third-Party Compliance: Part of a Comprehensive Compliance Policy

Stay Ahead with Kroll

Compliance Risk and Diligence

Compliance Risk and Diligence

Complying with anti-money laundering and anti-bribery and corruption regulations.

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