Sun, Jan 1, 2012

2012 FCPA Benchmarking Report

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Compliance officers assess bribery risk at multinational corporations.

Survey finds exposures in third party screening, facilitating payments and political donation despite compliance executives’ widespread confidence in preparations.

Senior compliance executives from large multinational U.S. corporations were surveyed to profile perceptions and practices related to anti-bribery compliance as well as to create a benchmark against which to judge future progress within corporate compliance organizations.

Included in the Report:

  • Compliance Officers’ biggest anti-bribery compliance concerns
  • Five distinct segments within the respondent population and the differences in how they approach anti-bribery compliance.

2012 FCPA Benchmarking Report

Compliance Risk and Diligence

The Kroll Investigations, Diligence and Compliance team partners with clients to anticipate, detect and manage regulatory and reputational risks associated with global ethics and compliance obligations.