Sun, Mar 22, 2020

Now Available - Same-Day Endpoint Protection Deployment for Remote Workers

In the midst of the “new normal” of remote working as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s helpful to remember that Kroll has a long, successful track record – almost 50 years – of helping organizations around the world mitigate and manage a wide range of risks. We are ready to help you now with the challenge of an unexpected and perhaps hastily arranged remote workforce. 

With a large segment of our own workforce being dedicated telecommuters, Kroll understands that security is imperative. This insight informs our recommendation that managed endpoint threat detection and response is the single most effective way to protect your environment from the heightened cyber risks associated with COVID-19 operational limitations. 

As one of our core capabilities, Kroll can make Kroll Responder coverage available in one day (often within four hours) for deployment to endpoints throughout the world.* And while deployment of the endpoint sensor is handled 100% remotely, we can respond to or remediate threats wherever the system is located. So, no matter where your employees are located, consider yourself covered. 

What Makes Endpoint Monitoring So Important? 

Once your employees work outside your network, there are limited options for monitoring security. While options such as VPN or proxy monitoring can be part of your strategy, if an endpoint is compromised, that could render all other monitoring useless. This leaves the door open for unauthorized access that can ultimately lead to more serious threats, such as a ransomware attack. 

Organizations that outsource their IT services to third-party service providers may find these vendors do not have the resources or technical ability to offer endpoint monitoring. Kroll can seamlessly supplement their offerings with another layer of our endpoint monitoring protection.  

In addition to using this technology to protect our own organization’s laptops, desktops and servers, Kroll provides this same service to clients of all sizes and across industries, including healthcare facilities, educational institutions and government agencies at many levels. Kroll currently monitors over 125,000 laptops, desktops, servers, and virtual machines worldwide.

If your organization is interested in endpoint monitoring or other proactive cyber security help or experiences a security event/compromise, please call our cyber incident hotline or send a message to [email protected]. Kroll is available to help you 24/7. 

We invite you to learn more about practical ways to anticipate, recognize and manage risk during these uncertain times by visiting our site, Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Managing the Risks to Your Organization.

*Note: Kroll complies with all GDPR-related limitations to endpoint monitoring in the EU.

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