Wed, Oct 1, 2014

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Matching Remedy to Risk

Consumer Remediation Services

In the wake of a data breach, every second counts for your organization and the impacted individuals. While navigating the complexities of the entire breach response process, your organization must also be able to quickly and effectively roll out a solution for the affected population, with little room for error.

While many organizations take factors like regulatory pressure, victim demographics and the likelihood of a lawsuit into consideration when developing a remediation plan, they oftentimes overlook the actual risk of harm to the affected population which can result in a short-sighted solution. After all, how effective can credit monitoring be at detecting signs of medical identity theft, criminal impersonation, payday loan fraud and the like?

Spare your organization the reputational, financial and legal consequences of an insufficient remediation strategy. Let Kroll help you pinpoint exactly who has been impacted and identify a set of cost-effective, comprehensive solutions that address the actual risks to the affected population based on the circumstances of your incident.

Taking a Risk-Based Approach to Consumer Remediation

Kroll takes a holistic approach to Consumer Remediation by evaluating four data breach factors, each of which carries a different weight in terms of identity theft and fraud risk, to determine the appropriate remediation solutions for individuals affected by a breach. Driven by data, this risk-based methodology provides companies with the foundation they need to make informed decisions about their Consumer Remediation strategy and establish a customized solution that best meets the needs of impacted individuals.

Creating a Complete Solution with our Consumer Restoration and Monitoring Services

Based on the outcome of the four-factor assessment, Kroll will help you craft a customized remediation package for your organization, comprised of eight potential offerings that best suit the needs of affected populations. Once the plan is deployed, your company and notified individuals will gain exclusive access to Kroll’s secure web portal, where you can manage the remediation process and take advantage of best practice tips. Additionally, your impacted population will gain direct access to their remediation services, Kroll licensed investigators, FAQs and other helpful resources specifically geared to individuals impacted by a data breach.

1. Credit report & monitoring services
Individuals can gain real-time insight into their credit activity and learn how to detect suspicious activity that could be linked to identity theft.

2. Web watcher
Monitors thousands of identity trading websites, chat rooms, forums and networks across the globe for personal information.

3. Public Persona
Checks for addresses and aliases associated with a Social Security number and can help detect those that seem suspicious.

4. Address aware
Keeps track of a personal mailing address and discovers additional addresses that are associated with an individual’s identity, which may be an early indication of identity theft activity.

5. Personal crime profile
Detects criminal activity that may be associated with an individual’s personal information, alerting them to signs of criminal identity theft.

6. Quick cash loan
Searches for indication that personal information is associated with short-term, pay day, or similar cash-advance loans.

7. Consultation and restoration
Full access to professional consultation with a Kroll licensed investigator and complete identity restoration should it be determined that they are a victim of identity theft.

8. Identity theft insurance
In the event of identity theft or fraud, covers up to $1 million of insured customers’ costs associated with identity restoration.1

Key benefits

  • Provides affected parties with a complete, customized set of services to address their need
  • Provides affected parties with a complete, customized set of services to address their needs
  • Maintains and restores confidence among key stakeholders
  • Protects your reputation and bottom line
  • Provides resources and support for companies and their customers through the Kroll secure web portal

The Kroll Difference

A leader in network and data breach response solutions, Kroll serves clients across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services and higher education. For more than 14 years, we’ve conducted thousands of computer forensics investigations and provided breach services for cases impacting more than 100 million individuals.
Our data-driven, risk-based approach to Consumer Remediation is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and customized set of solutions to respond to the unique circumstances of your situation. This approach, combined with the expertise of our team, is designed to navigate an array of breach-related situations — helping to protect those who were affected, as well as your reputation and bottom line.

1. Coverage is subject to the conditions and exclusions in the policy.


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