Fri, Apr 3, 2020

First Defense Call Center Services Now Available to Support COVID-19 Inquiries

Many companies find themselves unprepared to handle a surge of coronavirus-related inquiries and customers are growing frustrated with extended wait times.

Kroll’s call center services, built to de-escalate caller frustration and communicate a consistent message, are now available to organizations responding to surges in calls brought on by COVID-19. For over a decade, Kroll’s call center agents have acted as the first line of defense for clients in times of crisis. Now, our fully operational and remote workforce is prepared to alleviate the amount of calls your internal staff is trying to manage in addition to their day-to-day activities. 

Increased call volume to healthcare providers, first responders and state governments is easy to understand, but organizations are being caught off-guard with the amount of calls they’re receiving. Questions about changes to hours of operation, when events will be rescheduled and what steps companies are taking to ensure employee safety are common but can be overwhelming when received in bulk. These lead to a significant amount of confusion for customers and without the appropriate resources to effectively communicate, customers can easily grow frustrated and take to social media or other platforms to share their experience, potentially leading to negative reputational or financial implications.

What Makes First Defense Call Centers So Important?

When it comes to communicating changes about your business, time is of the essence. Answering common questions in advance and engaging Kroll’s professional call center agents to be your first line of defense can significantly reduce caller wait times and frustration. Callers with unanswered questions are then escalated to your organization daily.

Inbound or Outbound, Our Agents Are Ready

Whether your communication plan calls for triaging inbound calls or outreach to your customer list, Kroll’s agents have the expertise to stay on message and act as an extension of your company. You’ll get daily reports, letting you know how many customers we talked to and which ones require additional assistance. Since we only pass along those calls that we couldn’t answer with your FAQ, the number of issues escalated to your staff is significantly more manageable than the surge many companies are currently experiencing. 

Getting Started

We’re all adapting to COVID-19 and its effects on our businesses. We invite you to consider Kroll’s battle-tested Call Center Services and how they may support your response. If your organization is interested in engaging our team, you can reach us 24-hours a day using one of our global hotlines or by submitting your request here.


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Data Breach Call Center Services

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