Fri, Sep 4, 2015

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The launch of IDShield takes the current LegalShield identity theft protection product to a new level with pre-emptive monitoring, a $5 million service guarantee, and 24/7/365 emergency access to Kroll investigators. In addition, consumers can download an IDShield mobile app for their smartphone or tablet, providing one-click access to a U.S.-based advisor for assistance in handling both emergency and non-emergency issues.

“I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and easy the entire signup process was with IDShield. I was prompted to enter my personal information in different categories, and was pleased to see how many slots were available in each. I could, understandably, only add a single driver’s license or passport number, but I was able to add up to 10 bank accounts, credit or debit cards, email addresses, medical ID numbers, and up to 11 phone numbers. That’s way more than LifeLock, which permits just five bank accounts and cards, and a measly two email addresses.” Max Eddy,

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