Sat, Feb 1, 2014

Healthcare, Higher Education, Finance Industry Clients Top Three Cyber Targets in 2013

As a global leader in cyber investigations and incident response, Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps aided a record number of clients with data breaches of all severities in 2013.
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Looking ahead to what organizations might expect in 2014, we examined data from cases we handled for U.S. clients in the past year and discovered trends with major implications for all industries, and in particular healthcare and higher education. This report highlights our findings and the forces we see driving those results.

Healthcare at greater risk from insiders; higher education faces more malicious attacks

Three industries accounted for nearly two-thirds of all client events;

  • healthcare (38%),
  • educational institutions (13%) and
  • financial institutions (9%)

A closer review of the data shows that healthcare and higher education differ dramatically in the cyber risks confronting them. Our 2013 cases show that approximately 78% of healthcare cyber crises were tied to human error and 22% involved an act of malicious intent. By contrast, over 73% of cyber events in the higher education market were traced back to a malicious act.

Cyber Risk

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