Tue, Feb 17, 2015

Special Report: Business Services, Higher Education, and Healthcare Industries were Top Cyber Targets in 2014

In an effort to help our clients and others learn from the breaches of 2014, we examine the data from cases we handled for U.S.-based clients and identified trends with major implications:

  • Which industries saw the most breaches? For the second year in a row, three industries accounted for over two-third of all our client events.
  • How are the breaches happening? Approximately 45% of data compromises we responded to were caused by a malicious actor. Although only a small percentage was due to hacking, it wasn’t retail that led the way in percentage of hacking cases.
  • Is credit monitoring still relevant? Nearly 58% of consumers surveyed by Kroll indicated they had been part of at least one data breach, but what they had to say about remediation services may come as a surprise.
  • The “mega-breach” looms large. Nearly every organization, regardless of industry, is paying attention to the massive breaches that occurred in 2014 – but are they learning the right lessons?

Cyber Risk

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