Wed, Dec 4, 2013

Kroll Releases Annual Cyber Security Forecast; Highlights Major Cyber Trends for 2014

Organizations face a changing tide in cyber standards, both social and legal, which will ultimately require them to take stronger actions and safeguards to protect against reputational, financial and legal risks. That’s the theme of this year’s Annual Cyber Security Forecast, which highlights seven trends that organizations in all industries need to be aware of to effectively combat risk.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the forecast:

  • NIST and similar security frameworks will become the de facto standards of best practices for all companies.
  • The data supply chain will pose continuing challenges to even the most sophisticated enterprises.
  • The malicious insider remains a serious threat, but will become more visible.
  • Corporate board audit committees will take a greater interest in cyber security risks and the organization’s plans for addressing them.
  • Sophisticated tools will enable smart companies to quickly uncover data breach details and react faster.
  • New standards related to breach remediation are gaining traction and will have a greater impact on corporate data breach response.
  • As Cloud and BYOD adoption continues to accelerate, greater accountability will be required for implementing policies and managing technologies.
  • The latest cyber forecast includes in-depth commentary from Kroll cyber experts Alan Brill and Timothy Ryan, so be sure to read the full forecast, which can be found Cyber Security Forecast 2014.

Let us hear from you which of these will impact your organization in the coming year?

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