Tue, Oct 13, 2015

Companies Lose More Than Data in a Breach; They Lose Their Good Name

“No company can always be three steps ahead of the hackers, but every company can offer a comprehensive and timely approach to making the situation right once their customers have been victimized. It’s as much about the resolution of the hack as it is about protection against it that will determine how that company is viewed post-breach …”.

What constitutes adequate cyber security preparedness? Unfortunately, many breached organizations are finding out too late that a narrow focus on technical elements doesn’t come near to covering all the bases.

And perhaps their most frustrating discovery is they were blindsided by fallout they could have predicted and prepared for.

In fact, there is a whole spectrum of cyber security preparations that will not only ward off attacks but, more important, deal with a breach once it has occurred. This recognition led to the strategic alliance earlier this year between Kroll and strategic communications firm FleishmanHillard.

Based on their experience helping innumerable clients worldwide with breaches of all magnitudes, Kroll cyber investigations leader Tim Ryan and FleishmanHillard SVP Harry Frazier have outlined the basics of a true cybersecurity plan in this latest article published in FleishmanHillard’s online magazine, True. The article also features videos with further insight from Harry and Kroll’s Alan Brill. To learn how a coordinated, multi-department blueprint can help you better deal with all the issues that inevitably come calling after a breach.

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